San Diego, California

I went to have my eye check for prescription at Lenscrafter here in San Diego Plaza Bonita Mall, this was back in July. Although I have an eyeglasses i decided to get fitted for contact lenses.

My eyeglass presciption is 1.0 on my right eye and 0.50 on the left. During the exam the Doctor measure my eyes at 1.50 on the right eye and .75 on my left eye. So i thought my eyes went up and bought 90 contact lenses on each eye. But everytime i wear the contact lenses i get this irritation and eye strain.

A month later I went to see Naval Hospital to get my eyes checked. They prescribed me 1.0 on the right eye and 0.50 on the left. I went back to Lenscrafter to return some of the contact lenses that i bought and they told me i should have comeback the day after my first fit. You know what I think, they raise your prescription so that once you consume the contact lenses and make another schedule eye exam again they would say that " Hey your eye went up again to 1.75 and 1.0.

I believe they did this on purpose so that I could come back to their company and buy their product again.

They don't care about your eyes. So now I have extra contact lenses that i dont use.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eye Exam.

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If I gave you a contact that was 0.50 and another that was 0.75 and you did not know which one was which I guarantee you you could not tell me the difference. There are thousands and thousands of people out there that have a prescription of 0.25 (that is the difference between the 0.75 and the 0.50) and never ever touch a pair of glasses because 0.25 does not make a difference.

You wear one-day contacts if you bought 90 lenses for each eye so you would need to purchase new contact regardless of what the prescription was or if it changed or did not change. If you come back and say you don't see right in a reasonable time frame they would have exchanged the contacts you bought for nothing. Did you ever think a doctor prescribes one type of high blood pressure medicine and it does not do what he wanted it to so he changes to a different prescription.

Well the only way he can do that is if you go back and tell him something was wrong or about side effects. If you went back and told him some other doctor said I should be on this different medication and I want you to refund me what I paid for the first one do you really think you would get that check in the mail?


It's amazing how it's always someone else at fault. The Doctor's refract your eyes with the information given to them by the patient.


Thank you for sharing your feedback. I’m sorry to hear that you’re dissatisfied with the results of your exam.

Please email with your name and contact information so that I can further assist you. – Megin, Customer Care