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I ordered new glasses after seeing the eye doctor in Lens Crafters of Peoria Illinois store. After receiving the glasses I immediately felt that the prescription was wrong. I could see distance better with my old glasses. I called and let them know my concern. They had me come in and said I'd see the eye doctor. Upon arrival, the floor manager told me that I couldn't see the doctor, and they would fit me with different glasses because she felt the ones I selected were not fit well. The second pair of glasses arrived and I immediately experienced the same symptoms. I was told by the store manager "You just need to get use to them!" I again asked to be seen by the eye doctor, and was told if I was still having the same problem in 7 days, to call for an appointment with the eye doctor. I did continue to have problems and could not wear the glasses to drive because I could not read the signs in-front of me. I arrived for my fourth visit planning to see the doctor, when again I was told by the store manager that I needed to be seen by the technician. She checked the prescription and measured the distance between my lenses and eyes and proudly announced, "They are right! You are just sensitive to the slight changes in your lenses." I refused to accept her opinion and demanded to see the eye doctor. After several minutes the store manager agreed to allow me to see the eye doctor who did another complete exam - which found the lenses to be incorrect. New lenses were ordered immediately and the physician apologized over-and-over for "their mistake".

After finding I did have the wrong lenses, they cut the new lenses wrong and my magnetic sun glass lenses would not fit. This required a fourth pair of lenses and a 6th visit to Lens Crafters. So much for saving time by using a chain instead of a local private optometrist. I've learned my lesson.

However, Lens Crafters never tried to make this bad situation better or apologize.

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The Peoria LensCrafters did a great job with me - it must have been your unlucky day.

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