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I bought some glasses not even 6 months ago and now my lense is scratched and they say I will have to pay $100 more dollars for some new ones. Also my glasses fell (off counter but not very far down) and the lense popped out.

now the SAME DAY my frame arm broke off. I'm sooo mad with this company!!

I paid a lot of money and I got all the extras on my lense.I have another pair of glasses that I have had for 6 yrs and they aren't in the best shape but they are not broken.....I will never go back to Lenscrafters again.

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just because ur glasses broke in half a year doesnt mean thier bad. i had glasses that broke every 3-4 months, but i got them repaired or i got new ones.

they were really bad glasses too. i know what kind of stress your going through :sigh

Auly, Dnipropetrovs'ka Oblast', Ukraine #54372

Thank you for sharing your experience Kayday. Sometimes things just break - maybe a defect or poor quality or bad luck - even if you are very careful and take good care of them.

I do believe most of the frames are not made to last like the frames many years ago - LC should not mislead people that they're selling "better quality" glasses compared to other places. Nowadays LC sells them for "temporary looks". They don't want frames to last 6 years. They won't make money that way.

I do believe the frames and lens are "overpriced" for what you get. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with LC.


See that is where you are wrong. I paid $200 for my glasses b/c I have ins.

But I have to pay half price for repairs.

I did get "ALL" the extras. Your right I am the one to care for them but I also am the one who paid good money for them and expected them to last long b/c I was also told that the metal frame ones was more durable.


It doesn't matter how far of a fall the glasses had, it's what it fell on and the angle. Sorry this happened, but you take care of your glasses, not LensCrafters or any other optical company. Also, at $100 for new lenses I doubt you got "all the extras."

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