Greensboro, North Carolina
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This was the worst expierence ever! Not one was i asked if i had any question.

the doctor was in complete automatic mode, she came in pressed play said her piece pressed stop and left. i was interested in learning about contacts, they sent me with a pair, i dont know anything about them, i dont even know their name to find out anything about them!

she wrote a order for the exact same lenses i have, i tell her that things are slightly out of focus with them, and the contacts they put in are slightly out of focus, she tells me that thats what "i picked during the exam so thats how it is". it was horrible, not once was anything explained to me, i dont like feeling like i was put on an assembly line robots!

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Hello, I'm Holly w/ LC Corporate. I am very sorry you were not happy with the exam process with the doctor you visited.

I would be happy to contact the location to see if we can get you more information regarding your contact lens prescription, directions for use, and possibly another fitting. Please feel free to email me at with your name, and the location you visited,or call our Customer Care Center Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM EST, Saturday & Sunday 9AM-6PM.

Anyone will be able to assist you. I'm sure we will be able to help you.