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Update by user Jul 24, 2018

Update*** It’s gets worse. So since I have to work and my wife works somewhat close to Lenscrafters she takes them up there for me.

The guy swaps out the lens. She brings them home and wow they’re wrong yet a 3rd time. This is the same RX I have in my current glasses so I know it’s not the RX. I call the store and the manager says maybe I just haven’t adjusted to them...

Are you joking right now? I have to take them up there yet again 4th time 5th visit to get glasses. They asked what I wanted from them I said how about glasses that I paid for to see. How about that.

Can I get that? I will never ever go to this company again.’

Original review posted by user Jul 23, 2018

So I went to LensCrafters cause I wanted glasses quickly and they had the brand I wanted. While there I got a pair of Oakley sunglasses as well.

Spending a total of 500 after insurance I was told my glasses would be ready the next day. So that day “Sunday” I go to pick up my glasses. Of course they’re wrong the RX was enter incorrectly by the sales person. I said okay mistakes happen but here is my RX please get them right this time.

The next day I was told they were ready. I battle traffic afterwork and head up there. I get there and since I needed to drive I had my contact in. I couldn’t test them and assumed that surely they wouldn’t screw it up again!

So I get home take out my contacts to try on my glasses and guess what! They wrong AGAIN, this was after the guy had my RX in his hand twice. The lenscrafts isn’t right around the corner from my house it’s 30 mins with traffic. I now have to go up there a 3rd and 4th time once to drop them off to be fixed and another to pick them up cause they’ve screwed them up not once but twice.

It’s not like I bought cheap glasses from a discount shop I paid with insurance over 550 for glasses and can’t even use them. I will never use them again. If you can’t enter in the right RX then maybe you should check your glasses. I assumed after screwing them up once they maybe just maybe would make sure but no...

Lets hope that this time the 3rd time they’ll actually get them right. I’ve never had my RX messed up once since I was 5 now in my 30’s much less twice. Oh yeah and by the way everytime I go I wait for 20-30 mins for someone to help me cause they are really under staffed. So now I get to take them back pray they get them right the 3rd time all while being at the store now 5 times.

Good thing I paid for the better frames and lens right... I really am surprised they can’t get a RX correct and it was entered incorrectly twice different eye each time.

If they aren’t right this time I am going to ask for my money back and just go somewhere else. Bad thing is I can’t get back the hours I’ve wasted just trying to get glasses.

LensCrafters Cons: Poor quality, Customer services and the quality of the glasses.

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Bought glasses at Fairview mall Had glasses less than two days and nose pads come off. I have older glasses over ten years and this has never happened Paid almost 500 and cannot wear them Poor service and do not even want to bother again!