Sears Optical also owned by Luxass. Piad for and exam that stopped and would not continue until I orderd glasses.

Then would not give my my pupilary distances. The employees said it is company policy. I checked with Highmark and the PA attorney generals office and they say these are improper business practices andnot giving pup distances is iilegal. Thye are just refusing to do it so you can't but glasses somehwre else.

I wnet to the store twice to no avail and e-mailed them twice with no response. If at all possible stay away fro ANY Luxottica owend businees, Lenscrafters, Perale, Sears.

and many more. I thought there were anti monopoly lawas in this country.

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The only time it would be illegal for them not to give you a PD is if it was taken as part of the exam (there's no reason for it to be and it 99.9% of the time isn't.) The opticians are under no obligation to render services for free. Sorry bud.


This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. They do NOT need to give you your PD's and I would suggest that they DO NOT. If they give you PD's and you use the measurements they be come responsible/ liable.