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I used Lenscrafters in NH when I lived there. I broke my frame and went into the one at the Fox run Mall in Portsmouth. All I wanted was to find a fame that would except my lenses The young man who approached must of been new as he tried to help me when all of a sudden another salesman showed up and asked what he was doing, I over heard him tell the young man that he didn't have time for this and to get my number and he would call me back. Needless to say I knew that was a brush off as how could he help me with out my lenses?

Now I am in NC I went to the lenscrafters at the Hainse Mall in Winston Salem, I picked out the frames I wanted and was ask to wait as they were busy on a Saturday afternoon. I waited maybe 20 mins nothing major but while I was waiting I heard a sales associate tell the new girl to get rid of her customer as the customer wanted a special frame they did not have in stock. The new girl said she could call one of there stores in Greensboro NC (right next door) and ask if they had that style in stock. The older Associate told her not on a Saturday we don't have time.

Then it was my turn. the older associate came over and before she started I mention how I got blown off by Lenscrafters in NH and why did she just do it to one of her customers? her response was it was to busy and the store they would call would say it was to busy to look anyways. I responded to her that she doesn't know for sure what the other store would say now do you? She replied no but that's what I would say. I then said well I like doing business with a company that puts the customer first because it would of taken less then 5 mins to make a call and get an answer.

I got up and said that's ok I will find a company that puts there customers first and then walked out. Best part was she was speechless

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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NHPatriotman, my name is BIll. I am sorry for the service you received and would love to help you in this matter. I am the General Manager of the store at Hanes Mall and our phone number is 336-760-4720, or you can stop in and talk with me.


I work for LC and I was instructed to do the exact same thing to a customer yesterday...I was only allowed to call 2 stores to search for a broken frame for a little kid because "it was Saturday and we're too busy". Well yes it was Saturday but the reason why we were too busy to help a previous customer who has spent a lot of money in our store in the past is that corporate cuts the stores allotted staff hours to the bone so there are not enough people to help.

So Megin from Customer Care when you next monitor this site and see this you might tell your superiors that the problem is at the top and is trickling down...why do you think employees are leaving this company IN DROVES and have little good to say about working there?

OMG this is just the tip of the iceberg.....there is an ongoing exodus out of this place! WAKE UP CORPORATE!!!


so do your spelling skills