Worcester, Massachusetts

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!. Todays date is 09/07/2015.

I tried to take advantage of the 50% off sale.

I wear a very common frame. Not Oakley or Ray-ban. The retail on the frame is about $189.00. My prescription is tri focal with no lines and plastic lenses.

The sales person looked at AAA and ARAP to see for discounts. In the end they wanted $476.00. I then said OK...Take the 50% off now. They said that is with the 50% off now !!!!

She turned the screen and showed me the retail price (that was jacked up) at $952.00. THIS IS FOR A VERY COMMON SET OF GLASSES !! I took my prescription and left !!!. I will give the money to a small Optometrist first even if it cost me $100.00 more !!

Do not be caught up in the 50% savings !! Also, realize that the frames are China made and most likely cost about $5.00. The plastic lenses are PROBALLY bought in high volume for under $5.00 each I would say. I understand that they need to make money and pay for help, lights, rent and so on.

I own a business also, for the past 30 years. In my opinion, Lens crafters is a very nice scam. go to a small Optometrist and get honesty and true work ethics.

If you say, well my insurance covers this....does it??? Or will it just raise insurance cost more??

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Right. I can tell you I'm giving you "50% off" of ANYTHING by making you believe it "really" should cost twice what I'm charging you. Pathetic ***.


If you do the math- Your pricing doesn't add up. For a pair of no-line lens and a $200 frame.

$ 476 is Average. By your pricing No-line lens would cost $287.

Unless you have shopped for glasses at Walmart or America's Best (who does that). Compare prices- Lenscrafters is right there with the rest of them.