Plano, Texas

I got my glasses less than 6 months ago.(the clerk looked it up for me). I have taken them back twice to have them repaired.

Screws kept coming out. christmas Eve I was cleaning them and the ear piece came off in my hand. When I took them back to have them repaired again, I was told that it would cost me 50% of the original price to replace them. I would assume that my glasses should be fixed, not jacklegged so that I can wear the.

I spent over 250.00 on these glasses and now I can't even fold them to put them away.

If they aren't going to stand behind the product they sell, why would anyone want to go back to them. I intend to call the better business bureau and report this episode.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Dave you admitted that it was your fault, so you should pay up. If you left your car window down and someone stole your stereo should the car dealership pay for it?

No, you should because you were the *** that left them in your car! :)


The person who stole the stereo should pay for it.


thats sounds just like my issues i went there twice hand my nose piece replaced one than my mistake left my glasses in my car over night and the lences cracked downed the middle on both lens the customer service rep replayed they dont like cold or extreme heat hello i live in pittsburgh ,, i spent over 400.00 on glasses that now i cnat afford to fix for 180.00 this is worng and they should fix the lence at there cost ,,i will not go back to them


My guess is that your temple snapped off at the spring hinge, not that it's just a screw issue. That cannot be repaired.

On the back of your receipt it CLEARLY states that any replacements during the year would be at a cost of 50% the current retail price.

So stop complaining and learn to take better care of your glasses.


You have at least three other options. (1) Talk to a manager and show him or her the glasses.

(2) Go to another optical center that sells the same brand to see if they would repair it for less. (3) If the damage is as minor as you suggest, buy a repair kit from a local grocery store and fix yourself.

I believe that repair price should depend on what needs fix or replace not automatically 50% regardless how it broke. Repair work should be free for defective glasses.


well screws come loose. that doesn't mean that it is a defective frame, and they will replace or tighten the screws at no charge.

i guess the real question is how they got broken. material defects can be replaced at no charge, but if the break is obviously a snap, and you can see where it is not a clean break, then it is a broken product by customer. and that is where the 50% comes in. the problem is that there are people that step or sit on their frames and then call it a defective frame. there is actually criteria from distinguishing a broken frame from a defective frame.

if you go in and are reasonable and can show that it is in fact a defect, not a frame broken from customer use, then you will probably get better results. so go in, be reasonable and ask to talk to the manager, and you should probably get some results if it is indeed a defective frame. on the other hand if you go in with a bad attitude, i probably wouldn't want to help you either, and i work at another optical place!