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Washington Crown Center has several opticals owned by same company. You are better off to go someplace else.

They are over priced and lack knowledge of the products. The doctor and the store say they are two different places and will not answer any thing they just send you back and forth to different people. They have hours posted and they do not follow them. There prices for exams change after you are there and the discounts are taken only off half the exam price.

The exam takes about 10 mins with the doctor and the other 50 mins with the front desk.

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Washington, Pennsylvania, United States #822132

The doctor and his staff are independent of Lens Crafters and they are a top notch facility. They are fair, completely in line with most other similar eye doctors in the area.

They accept and/or participate with most major eye insurance plans.

I have been a patient for years and will continue to do so. I have however stopped going to Lens Crafters, they are nothing more than a rip off and there is only one lady that knows what she is doing there, the rest are a bunch of idiots.


The majority of Optometrists and Lenscrafters ARE NOT the same. Lenscrafters leases office space to INDEPENDENT Drs. of Optometry. They ARE NOT employed by Lenscrafters, which is why you are told that they are not the same.

There is a fee for the basic eye exam, however any additional tests, such as Extended Opthalmoscopy which requires dilating drops, are additional.

I work for an Optometrist and very, very often find that most patients have NO CLUE about the health of their eyes and DO NOT realize how important annual eye exams are.

As far as Lenscrafters're on your own...remember.....the Drs. staff does not work for Lenscrafters.

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