My frames just broke, so I went into the nearest Lenscrafters to have them fixed. Was told there was a year warranty only (mine was over by three months)...So, was told, sorry there is nothing we can do, but sell you a new pair.

You've got to be kidding...why would I buy a pair of glasses that you don't have anymore confidence in then to warranty them for a year.

What happened to the lifetime guarantee and the advertised we want you to feel good sentiments...

I don't feel good...and after buying more then 10 pairs of glasses at Lenscrafters, I will NEVER use them again...

Come on..you can do better then this!

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Debary, Florida, United States #1322561

This is a ridiculous review. What *** doesn't know that Lenscrafters offers a 30 day standard warranty, you have to buy the year warranty....christ..

Secaucus, New Jersey, United States #967043

Not sure what the issue is...it's clearly stated on the One Year Eyewear Protection Plan what it costs and the Co-Pay amount. The issue at hand is that they can't warranty them for more than a year because you are supposed to have an eye exam EVERY year.

Thus...your prescription may change. It isn't possible to do so. When I bought my glasses from Lenscrafters, I was told that the warranty pretty much covers everything except third party actions (i.e.


It even states that you must retain possession of the eyeglasses to be able to use it.

to prettysenshi Secaucus, New Jersey, United States #967044

This is also why your written prescription is only good for 1 year...


I got my glass in oct of 2011 and they are the frames that have the sunglass clips mircle clips . well I was taking my boyfriends glass back that had broke well in the process I lost my magnatic clips to mine . I was told yes we have them I was led to the mens section why would I want mens eyewear that is a insult :( now stuck with out sun glasses thanks lenscrafters


I thought we had a warranty too. Once I did get my frames replaced, because 48 hours after a Lenscrafters' employee tweaked them for fit the lens fell out of the broken wireframe. They found another frame at another store that matched (a little smaller size, tho) and replaced it gratis.

But then they quoted my husband over $1,000.00 for a pair of glasses and we decided we were done. We got ours at $39 dollars dot com. My husbands digitally indexed pair cost only $137 and shipping was free. These glasses exceeded the quality that would have cost $1K.

We read about the online site in Wall ST. Journal. Good experience. It helped that my husband had frames that he liked from the drugstore that I could measure and match.

Can't find a match for me yet, but want to. The lens just fell out of my lenscrafters eyeglasses again. "LENS- CRAFTERS" get it? Ha Ha. What a rip off.

Bad Mergentheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany #287285

I bought the warranty for the glasses good for a year for replacement or repair if ANYTHING happens. Until the were lost.

Well then that isn't covered.

I would not have bought the glasses if I could not have insured then. Its a rip off.


I bought a warranty for $50 dollars so that if anything happened to my glasses, it would be replaced as an associate explained to me no matter what happened to them. Less than one year later my glasses happened to break and I went into the store with my warranty that was 2-3 weeks near to being expired.

They get the manager just to tell me that I have to pay $50 to get a new pair even though I had coverage.

Whatever you do, don't buy from them! If you do, get cheaper glasses, you'll only be disappointed later on.


Now they make you pay $25 for the warranty. I stupidly bought it after asking questions like do they replace if my dog eats the glasses, or if I sit on them.

And the girl said oh yea, that covered. I get home and read the fine print and find out she is lying. Now I am going to test their 90 day money back offer. I wore the $406 dollar glasses for 18 hours.

I bet they give me a hard time.

I found out I can save $160 for the same glasses online. I am going with that!


I was going to buy a cheap pair of glasses because I knew my daughter would probably break them. the sales rep convinced me to buy the much more expensive memorize glasses.

she claimed that they always return to their original shape. she bent them in half to prove it. Well ten months later my daughter bent them. I took them in expecting them to be replaced.

they wanted me to pay half.

I could have spent twenty dollars on a pair at walmart and and break then replace them 10 times for the price I paid for one at lenscrafters. And yet they still didn't do what I was promised.


It also said his warrenty was over by 3 months...


My glasses just broke and there three months old. apparently the one year warranty inst 100% free. You have to buy the glasses at half price wtf?!


p.s.... look at the back of your receipt everything is listed right there for you. any questions look at your receipt


Hey Voice of Reason, its called a business...its just how it works. If your car is out of the warranty for 3 months and something goes wrong the dealership isn't going to cut you a break.

There are rules for a reason. If everyone who broke their glasses while they were out of warranty had them covered Lenscrafters would be out of business.

Not to mention if you care for your frames and lenses properly they won't break or scratch. Take them off with two hands, put them in your case when you're not wearing them, use proper cleaning supplies etc.


Uh yeah anonymous, you just stated yourself that the breakage protection plan is for "dummies" who break their glasses. So dummy or not, it should be covered.

also, if you can read, he said 3 months. Therefore, why should he be challenged to look for a place that would warranty for oever a year? I assume you work for lenscrafters, if you feel that customers should pay for substandard quality repeatedly.

Jeez. I don't know what you do with your glasses, but frames worn every day should not break.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #61921

Well said Anonymous. Some people are just plain SPOILED BRATS !



So, basically, YOU broke something you wear on your face EVERY SINGLE DAY and you want them to give you a LIFETIME warranty on it?!?!! LOL.

Welcome to the REAL world, buddy!!! Do those ratty old shoes you wear every day stay nice and "new" and don't break down over time? No, they don't. I've used their "warranty" before.....it's not really a warranty either, it's called a Breakage Protection Plan.

It's for breakage....for dummys like you.

I CHALLENGE you to find ONE company in the eyeglass business that gives anything over 1 year. You wear them on your face every day, you break them yourself and now you want LensCrafters to pick up the bill???

to Anonymous #610349

Hey Anon, get off your *** high horse. Why should we not expect replacement coverage for a flimsy piece of metal/plastic that sits on the most sensitive area of our bodies?

The lenses are expensive enough on their own, let alone the frames. Some of us don't have the time or resources to deal with having to replace our frames all the time.

I CHALLENGE you not to be a *** about people having a legitimate grievance about a product they ALREADY paid for.

A pair of glasses is a much more simple product than a CAR. Your analogy doesn't apply here.

to Whatever #1515429

I actually disagree that they are a much more simple product. I have worn glasses for many years.

Back in the day, they were so heavy they slid down my face all the time. Thanks to technology, they can now grind them so they are so light, they not only don't slide down my nose, but I can wear all the frames (old lenses were so thick I couldn't buy some frames). Now, I have Progressives, so I only have one pair of glasses instead of two. Technology.

I also have non-glare coating put on. That's a lot of complexity. Frames are better too and don't break as easily.

That said, my coating is coming off after I think about 15 months. I had much better glasses from Pearle and I'm going back there.

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