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I wento to Lenscrafters to get an eye exam. I asked how much the exam cost and she quote $65 for basic exam and additional exam was $95 more...but I could get discount with my triple A!

I was told they take walk in so just wait for few minutes I waiting in the "reception area". So I waited for 25 minutes and she never talk to me again, I went to the front desk and ask how long before I can get my exam she told me that she tought I was gone!! but I can be seen in few minutes..about one hour, I told her that one hour is not just few minutes and I been waiting already. So I left very upset I went today because I was trying to change from Costco to them...I think I'm staying at Costco vision.

Is no Customer service at all and very unprofessional sorry to see that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eye Exam.

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It's not about, "next time make an appointment." If they take walk-ins and the customer asks how long, the proper response is the truth, "It may take a few minutes to a few hours, I'd strongly recommend you make an appointment if you cannot wait." Simple, now the walk-in has a choice to make. If you tell someone a few minutes, that isn't an hour, and they have every right to be pissed. It's called customer service.


The solution is simple, next time schedule an appointment.


Doesn't matter if you have an appointment or not. It's called SALES!

Some Drs.

are great others really push you into my expensive contacts, glasses, extra exams. I work in pharma sales and they do get $$$'s for pushing certain brands!


Next time set up an appointment and that won't happen to you again. Remember you are at a doctors office and you should expect to wait if you are a walk in.

Don't blame that poor girl who was probably trying to juggle doing 10 different things at one time.

Thats like going to the ER and waiting for 2 hours and being pissed. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!!