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I ordered my glasses from Lenscrafters in Del Monte Center, Monterey CA, on November 25th 2011. 3 weeks later I called them and was told that they got the lenses but broke them, so they had to re-order them from the lab. 1 week later I called again and was told that the glasses arrived. I went to get the glasses, but could not see out of them. I was told that the lenses were not quite what my prescription asked for. They said they will re-order the lenses. 2 weeks later, I went back to check on the glasses and was told that they could not fit the lenses in the frames, so they had to send the frames to the lab, so that the lab cuts and sets the lenses in the frames. Another week later I call to check on the glasses; the general manager, Bruce, said that he'll call me the following day with an update. 2 days later, after not hearing from Lenscrafters, I went there in person and was told that due to the Christmas and New Year holidays, it would be another week before I can get my glasses. On December 31st, I got a call from Lenscrafters to go pick up my glasses. Again, I could not see out of them. I was told that my Optometrist must have given me the wrong prescription for my eyes. At that time, I was also refunded the out-of-pocket money that I spent on the glasses, however Lenscrafters obtained and kept the money paid by my insurance for my benefits.

On Jan 3rd 2012 I went back to my optometrist, who checked the lenses in my new Lenscrafters glasses and found that the lenses were not at all what she prescribed. She rechecked my eyes, and slightly changed one measurement (the cylinder in my left eye), in the hope that this will make it easier for the laboratory technicians to cut the lens correctly. The change did not significantly affect my vision, so I agreed to it.

I went back to Lenscrafters the same day, Jan 3rd 2012, and turned in the glasses again, asking them to please get them right this time. I was told that I had to wait another 2 weeks, as this was a new prescription.

Even if they do get the glasses right this time, which I have very little hope for, it would still amount to EIGHT WEEKS of waiting for one pair of glasses - single vision, not progressive!

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I am in NO WAY defending LC's actions, they were terrible in their handling of your glasses and business. However, having been in optics for about 15 years now (3 of which at LC, no love lost there)...I will say that there are some docs who refuse to admitt their mistakes and will blame everything on the lab who makes the glasses and will do a "slight" change to make things easier for the lab (which makes zero sense)or to make the patient happy, when in fact they make a fairly significant change to the RX.

They do it b/c they hate to be wrong and try to save face. This by no means every doctor, but I have had my fair share that did that to my patients. It's always easier to blame someone else.

I have no clue what the issues were in your particular case, either way...I wish you luck next time and hope you get much better service where ever you choose to receive service. Personally, I recommend a small business that has zero corporate structure, they tend to focus on the needs of the patient and their satisfaction more than numbers.


Anything to keep the money in the register. The staff hours are cut and Regional Managers are to blame.

Their main goal is to keep the money and force the staff to placate the customer.

People are written up every day for spending too much time resolving issues for "demanding customers" If you find someone nice don't get their name they won't be there long. Reginal managers make their money off of fast turnovers and no returns.


I am very sorry to hear of the trouble and long delays you have experienced with your glasses. I would like to investigate these issues with the Management team of this location.

Please feel free to email me with your name, and contact information and I will forward these concerns to the Regional Manager for this location.