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It's been several weeks since we ordered our glasses, we keep being put off. Today I called the willow grove Pa mall lenscrafter and was spoke to like a child. I was polite and asked why there has been another delay. Put on hold. We keep getting told they will be...
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Hi I'm Holly w/ LC. I apologize for the service you received at the Willow Grove location.

I would be happy to check the status of your order, and discuss this situation with the Regional Management team. Please email me at iCare with any additional details I may need including the name the order was placed under. I am confident we can find a happy resolution.

Thanks! :)

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Lenscrafters is horrible!

Our family has been buying eyewear from Lenscrafters for years but no more. Stores, especially the one in Voorhees Town Center (formerly Echelon Mall) Voorhees, NJ, have horrid customer service, staff is arrogant, incompetent and downright nasty. Most recent bad experience was having to wait weeks for our glasses to come in, and when they did, each time there were problems. Obviously no concern for the customer and the staff at this store, and their headquarters in Ohio, feel that they are doing the public a big favor by even dealing with us. The manager there is useless at best as well. By the way, the optician who has a presence in this store has the same rotten attitude. No more being ripped off by this company.
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HOLLY is a company generated response. Just another example of how Lens Crafters doesn't really care. They just want to appear as if they care.


Hi I'm Holly w/ LensCrafters. I am so sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience at our Voorhees Town Center location.

I would be happy to investigate this case further if you would like. Please contact me at or call at 877-486-6486.

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Lenscrafters Manager

Lenscrafters would not replace defected lenses on glasses.

May 30th 2009 I purchased two pairs of glasses,sun glasses and regular glasses that I wear everyday the cost was 443.52. I noticed what I thought was a scratch and then more and more were appearing so when I started looking at it closer I realized that they were actually splitting all the way across both lenses. So I went back to the store on August 28th 2010 and ask what they could do well the manager Kathy Bartlett said they were scratches but the assistant called them stress marks and said it was obvious they were defective. Even though they were defective they wanted me to pay another $186.00 to fix them. I have worn glasses all of my life and never have I had this happen! Kathy Bartlette was a very rude person considering that she works with the public! This is not good bussiness, when you sell a product you should be able to back it !!! I personally intend to tell everyone I know about your company and how they treat their customers once the money has exchanged hands!!! If I had broke these glasses I would pay for them gladly but when something is wrong its just not good bussiness to not make it right , My name is Debra Hamilton I live in Abbeville La. I went to Lenscrafters in Laffayette La. DONT GO THERE!!!!
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Just to add insult after pricing a new pair of glasses at Lenscrafters at $670 for similar glasses I paid $340 a year and a half ago. Since the frames on my existing glasses are still good, I asked how much it would be to replace the lens on my existing glasses.

They told me it would be $580 dollars. Can you believe that! They indicated it is because they do not give discounts on just purchasing lens without the frame.

What I joke! Needless to say I will get my lens replaced elsewhere.


Hi Debra,

My name is Holly I left you a comment yesterday regarding your disappointment with our Lafayette, LA. location.

Since I had your name from your post I contacted the regional manager to see if there was anything they could do to assist you. If you could please contact me with a valid phone number the manager would be happy to contact you to provide assistance. My email address is or you may call our customer service department at 877-486-6486.

Thank you and have a great day! :)


Hi I'm Holly with LensCrafters. I'm so sorry you had an unpleasant experience.

I will check with the location you visited to see if there is anything we can do to help you get your lenses fixed. If you would like to provide additional details please feel free to email me at, or call 1-877-486-6486

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Lenscrafters Manager

LensCrafters review in Reston, Virginia: Bad customer service

I bought 2 pair of lenses for over $550 at Lenscrafters in Charlotte, NC and the lady there did not want to give me new cases for them. I had to argue to get them. No more Lenscrafters for me. This was purchased at the Carolina Mall store on March 26, 2010. The lady was not at all friendly and made me feel like I was intruding on her time. If this is the way that they treat their customers after charging them a lot more than what they would pay at Costco they deserve to go out of business.
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Think about it King Cobra. What kind of scene would you make if they sold you nose pads, and you broke the nose piece off the frame while trying to install them.

You would cry like a baby in the store for them to replace the entire frame.

Don't be a baby. Let them do what they do.



Bought two pair of glasses in May 2010 and another in September 2010, on a Lens Crafter credit card.

First it's not a bill me later, I found out after missing a month that I needed to make payments, to avoid interest charges.

I made minimum payments keeping an eye on my account to see when

the promotional date was due.

I called GE, Lenscrafter's bank, for a pay-off of the first promotional amount.

Paid the amount, in full, to find a month later they split the promotional pay-off amount I made over the entire account. Meaning, I DIDN'T pay-off the promotion and will be charged interest on the account.

I'm very dissatisfied with Lenscrafters

And, I will not be doing business there again!


Do not buy glasses fron Lenscrafters. I have gone through *** for 4 months now with no resolution.

I wear clip on sunglasses over precription. They are a set and clip on with magnets. These work best for my job where transitional glasses don't. From day one the clip ons fall off with any suddent move including driving and stopping suddenly.

Lenscrafters replaced them the first time but the second pair was worse. After a few rude representatives in the 4 month period I was told that they knew the clip ons fall off with even a breeze but they refused to give my money back or replace them.

Not Happy.... :( :(


I work for an Optometrist, that is, THANK GOD, NOT EMPLOYED by lenscrafters, the Dr. sub-leases. They may not go out of business, but they surely seem to be falling apart. The pressure they put on their employees to make "goal' and multiple sales is sick!! General Mangers are stepping down like crazy in the region that we are in. For a company that has plently of money, consumers should know that they don't even hire a cleaning crew to clean there store or restrooms. The restrooms are filthy!! They want the employees to clean the restrooms after strangers use them. Gross. All the money they make and they can't hire cleaning crews???

ALSO. CONSUMERS BE AWARE: The majority of Optometrists DO NOT WORK FOR LENSCRAFTERS, so please, please don't bulk them in with Lenscrafters...also the Doctors DO NOT get any monies at all from the purchase of your glasses. NADA....NOTHING!!

They try to fool consumers with the "seamless" transition from Drs. office to the store, so you think it's all for one and one for's not. LC drives the Optometrists crazy with *** nonsense....with the "lenscrafters culture"....well the first 4 letters of culture is "cult".

I had *** experience myself when I purchased Versace glasses that were "new" to the store, yet 2 months later they were discontinued, ok fine, that's not their fault but after 6 months the hinge broke and what a surprise...they could not fix them. Something that should be told to consumers before they purchase the glasses....but of course they didn't do that. So people, if you do buy something from them ask, ask questions about the glasses you are buying.

Also...the LC store that I am in won't even give people the soft boot-leg cases. Everytime a contact lens patient puts on their contacts and then asks if we have a case for their glasses, since many people do not always have their case, LC tells us they do not have cases to give out. Ridiculous! Perhaps we should tell their customers that we do not have contact lens cases when they need to *** their contacts to see how the glasses turned out (that they most likely just paid too much for.) But of course we wouldn't do that, the Doctors office knows how to treat customers. :( :eek :?


Lenscrafters deserve to go out of business and they will. Because of bad and unfriendly service.

I had terrible experiences with them, too.

For example -just one -they will not sell you new nose-pads for your glasses, which you bought there a year ago.

No, you have to wait in line for the laboratory technician, then argue against a completely, uneducated fresh guy, I never saw there before, and the laboratory technician never showed up.

Happend to me several times in this location.

My Lenscrafters is in LA.

Why do they want to scare customers away?

About an item that's $3 !

That appears to be general Lenscrafters ethics.

You can smell the financial trouble Lenscrafters is in, since about when the World crisis happend.

I will never buy glasses from Lenscrafters again -they refuse obvious service, buy forcing the customer to get a more expensive one. Why buy there?


First of all, they will not go out of business. Secondly, it sounds like you purchased lenses for frames you already owned.

Correct me if I'm wrong on that, The designer cases come with new frames. Lenscrafters has generic soft cases to give with lens only purchases. That might wxplain why there was no case.

If the lady was unfriendly, then your complaint is with her and not Lenscrafters. Shame on her.

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LensCrafters review in Reston, Virginia: Late delivery

My mother had an eye exam from a Dr. in the local LensCrafter store and then ordered glasses with the help of Debbie in that store. This was in November with an estimated delivery date of 11/23/09. It is now 12/21/09 and we still do not have the glasses. The store blames it on their lab because they did not make the glasses as ordered. I made a call over a week ago and Debbie then advised that the lab was just sitting on the order since they didn't know how to fill it. This is very bad customer service!!
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I ordered glasses from Lenscrafter in Canoga Park, CA on 02/28/10. Since I have progressives,, they said it would be about a week or so.

Here it is over two weeks later..and I still do NOT have my glasses. This is the 1st and last time I will ever go to Lenscrafers for glasses!


-Dumb Irvine Customer

Sometimes there is a delay with the lenses and the store is not going to give you glasses that are incorrect.

Would you rather have had them done in an hour but with the wrong prescription???

Besides 3 hours is a lot shorter than most places take. 95% of the optical places in the country take days to make the glasses. Maybe if you were looking after your brat kids they would have been a little more nice when you were waiting.


Lenscrafters "glasses done in about an hour" is a TOTAL SHAM!!!!!!!! It's more like IN ABOUT 3 HOURS!!!!

Ha! Not 1 hour! I waited around with 3 kids circling the store and they kept saying "the glasses are in the final stages, should only be 10 minutes". We did get extra cleaning packets for the wait though.

Next time when they tell you to come back in 60 minutes, wait and call them to be sure they're actually ready! Beware of their Irvine, CA store. They're nice though, except for the fact that they just have you sit in chairs and stare at the wall while they ignore you forever after being hours overdue from the time they told you to come back. Thanks for listening.

Gone mad after this experience. :-)

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LensCrafters review in Reston, Virginia: Employees in stored don't know where to get coe information for insurance

Last year i bought glasses at Lenscrafters in Carolina Place Mall in Pineville, NC. These were the first pair of glasses after cataract surgery an I am supposed to be reimbursed by my insurance Humana. They require codes. I have called Lenscrafters an spoken to the manager Victor and coul not get any codes. I was told they don't have any. Humana insisted on codes. I finally e-mailed corporate about this. Then received a call from Lenscrafters an now they have the codes. However, this took a very long time and cost me almost $400 plus lots of distress. I am elderly and only have social security and desparately need this money. Can you contact Humana @ 1-877-511-5000, ID# H5407134 so that I can get reimburse my expenses? Carol Stany 7216 Westerleigh Rd. Ft. Mill, SC 29715 803-547-6613 You may leave a message.
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Lenscrafters Manager

LensCrafters review in Reston, Virginia: Unprofessional

The lenscrafters in Washington PA 15301 use to have employees that cared about the patients. Now the retail side pushes you to buy new frames they do not carry any replacement parts. They will not use the rx in your glasses they make you have another exam. They have employees with no idea what they are talking about. They have no lab tech to offer glasses in an hour. The doctor side is always closed on weekends making it impossible to pick up contact lenses. They never have any openings in the evenings after 6:30. They schedule everyone at the same time and patients have to wait for the doctor.
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What the above also stated is incorrect. One check the expiration dates on the ABO certificates if posted.

Also the ABO is a difficult exam for someone to pass. And 2 months of training is nothing in the eyecare business. It takes years to become expertise. Also silver platter.

Hey, this guy supports you job. let it go


The above is correct. Except for the doctor part.

This large corporation does not have the money to have this type of comfort for the consumer. More than likely they sent their lab person home due to the fact they did not have the payroll to support this. They do this all the time to save money. Yet when a consumer comes in to order something they are not there.

This is a complaint you have. And trust me you will get the run around from the company.

In all honesty go to your local Eye care professional. Lenscrafters overcharges and will make you wear polycarbonate which is the worst lens for you to have.


very true statements

All Prescriptions for eyeware are treated the same as though they were RX's for a drug. it HAS an expiration date on it, and cannot be used once it is expired

the third isnt necessarily 100% accurate.. allow me to clarify

some stores have Private practicing doctors who Lease the space from lenscrafters, the dr's that do that are free to make whatever schedual they desire at the time of the signing of the lease and have far more play than an employed dr by the company itself.


8) I completely agree. Once again this is an uninformed consumer qwho wants everything handed to them on a silver platter. LC employees go through at least two months of training before even being allowed to sell on their own, and most stores are required to have ABO certified and/or liscensed Opticians on staff as well.


first of all, LC does not have replacement parts for frames. That would be nearly impossible.

Some stores carry over 3,000 frames in all different colors, sizes and styles. The frames venders do not allow LC to even order 95% of all frame parts. But if you are looking to replace a screw, nosepad or temple cover the store has these generic parts available.

Second, no optical should read your Rx from your current pair of eyeglass and make a new pair from them. Reason is they could be made incorrectly and LC would creating that problem again thus, no allowing you to see well.

Also your Rx is only good for 1 year (some states up to 2 years) anything outside of that can not be used or duplicated.

Third, most LC stores that have a Lab should be open up til an hour before the store closes. If the lab is closed before that, contact your local store's general manager. Lastly, there should be a Doctor available on Saturday's but there may not necessarily be one available on Sundays.

That is almost unheard of that LC only has a Doctor available Mon-Fri Only, most locations do most of there business on the weekends and especially on Saturdays. I hope this helps.

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would not replace lens that the coating was comming off since prescription was two yrs old, what does prescription have to do with faulty lens ???? i wont shop again at lenscrafters the first time the lens film came off was repaired with not problem now they wont fix...
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My Lenscrafter's lens - I have experienced that same problem with my lens. They will not repair the lens because my glass prescription is over two years old. The sales person admitted that the lens were defective and that Lenscrafter's would allow an addtional "unwritten" two year warranty.

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Nearly Ripped Off By Lenscrafters

As I was being fitted for new glasses I told the sales clerk I wanted Transition lens. She said that would be no problem and they could be made within an hour or so. Before paying I mentioned that in the past some vision stores had attempted to pass other photochromatic lens off as Transitions when in fact they were not. I asked again if the lens she was selling me were in fact genuine Transitions. At that point she said they were Reactint lens but were the same as Transitions. I canceled the transaction and left the store. There is no doubt in my mind that the sales person was attempting to mislead me into purchasing the Reactint lens even though I specifically told her I wanted Transitions. I will not go to Lenscrafters again!
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I use reactint with my glasses and they are amazing. I live in Buffalo so the time they are most active is in winter when you have the sun reflecting off of the snow and everything is just bright, white, and shiny.

Reactint is pretty much Transition in my mind, and I really think this consumer was being picky and a bit mean to the customer sales rep.


-agrees with OD-NY

lenscrafters most likely wasnt trying to mislead you, people in my area tend to confuse transition lenses and transitions brand lenses all the time

its the ignorance that 'the customer is always right' that gives you that mindset that you were being misled when in fact you were getting a comperable product and saving a little bit of money.

congratulations for being one of those 'special' people that make our lives miserable


Lenscrafters probably weren't trying to mislead you, but they should have disclosed that the lens that they use is a knock off earlier in the process.

When you purchase a transitions lens, you should receive a small certificate of authenticity with it. The transitions lens is definitely a better lens, but Lenscrafters wants you to purchase their "in house" lens because they can make more money on it.


I'm an Optician. I don't work for Lenscrafters.

When a patient requests Transitions in most cases it's like someone asking for a Kleenex, when what they want is a tissue. Transitions is the most well known photochromatic lens so that is what people ask for. Also in most cases when I explain the difference they really don't care. They just want a lens that gets dark outside.

What I usually say is yes I have a variety of photochromatic lenses and will get you the best one for your needs.

There are pros and cons to each lens.

I really don't think Lenscrafters was trying to mislead you.

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Lenscrafters has the worst costumer service!

Well i had my new glasses handed to me March 21st, not even 2 weeks later my glasses are spotty and it seems as if the glare resistant stuff had chipped off. I go in and a manager gives me this BS of a story saying that i scratched it and it is my problem yada yada yada.... So i call corporate and yes you may ask what day today is and it is April 24th and they call me and tell me to go get new lenses and this is after calling like twice a week.... What BS.... The management is rude and no one know what to do.... I will NEVER and i mean NEVER buy another pair of glasses there so long as i live.
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Were they really rude or did you just not get your way??

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Lenscrafters Manager