Germantown, Maryland
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When I walked in Lake Forest Mall Gaithersburg Maryland Lenscrafters store. Their was the manager Christine sitting their.

She summoned me to come over. She was very unfriendly and acted like I was a bother to her. She was waiting on me to purchase the glasses I had chosen that cost over $900.00 and the whole time their was no eye contact and she just talked in a very unfriendly voice. I had to ask questions to find out just the basics of what I was about to purchase.

She did not offer any information. She was very short with her answers and interrupted me before I could finish my question. She checked me out and never said thank you or have a good day. She just walked away and went to the back of the store and closed the door.

I wish I never went to this lenscrafters for help. She ruined my entire day. I want to know the name and number of the person that hired her as a manager.

She has no customer service training. I will not go their ever again after I pick up my glasses.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

LensCrafters Cons: Manager christine poor unfriendly uncaring customer service.

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Really? This experience ruined your entire little day?

She wasn’t warm and fuzzy enough for your delicate little flower self? She didn’t make you feel welcome? She didn’t thank you and say bye-byes? .

. . . Yet you still gave them your money!?

Your solution is to find out who put her in a manager position? Then what?

You think your input is going to make a difference? Did my comment here damper your day too?


This type optician only cares about appearances. Being rude is a compliment to her ego that means she outclasses you the customer. Too bad they cant all go into real estate or banking.


Actually these are people who belong in banking or real estate since all they care about are impressions. She wanted to impress you with the idea she outclasses the customer. For this type being rude is a compliment.


Ruined your day ? Oh please.

Did the glasses work properly ? When you engage a business, remember this simple axiom : Do you want it (A) cheap (B) quick (C) good ? ..... Pick ONE ...

and for goodness sake stop being so sensitive. The more paranoid you are about things like that the worse your affliction becomes.