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Your company has NO RIGHT to force mask! Nor is there ANY valid science that supports mask work against covid19!

The particle size of the virus is .123 microns and the BEST mask most people wear are the N95 mask which only stop particles .3 microns.

This is like a fly or gnat going through a chain linked fence!

Also, viruses travel airborne and a .5 micron particle can hover in the air for up to 41 hours (.5 micron is larger than .3 micron and extremely large compared the .123 micron particles.)

Your policy to force mask on your employees is bad enough, but to force customers is unacceptable! You are part of the problem as well as other like minded companies and groups, ALL of which are instilling fear and ignorance and ultimately contributing to destroying our great country (and the world) and we will NOT comply and there WILL be a reckoning to your type eventually!Forcing mask!Forcing mask!

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