My Ophthalmologist informed me that LensCrafters' service was inferior and I didn't believe him, but I do now. I paid over $300.00 plus insurance money for a pair of glasses that not only the tint is coming off, but every other week, the lens falls out of the frame.

Although I have insurance, when I went to their offices, they told me that another $200.00 would take care of the problem. I ask you, how *** do you think the public is? You think money grows on trees in our back yards?

We are hard-working people who have to live within a budget.

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Auly, Dnipropetrovs'ka Oblast', Ukraine #54376

In response to Patty Jean & Eye Wonder. Sometimes sh...

happens where things aren't always made perfectly. If the product was sold through LC - it makes LC look bad.



MUST be that he wants the sales for himself ?

What do u mean the tint comes off ? It is crazy to say that the products lc uses - is inferior - since EVERYONE gets it form the same exact VENDORS THROUGHOUT THE USA !! (( CHECK IT OUT 4 yourself !! EVEN WITH HIM ))

There are only a few vendors in the usa - and HE i would bet uses ESsilor of america or varilux - and so does EVERYONE ELSE _

NOW as for that lens coming out - THERE IS NO REAOSN _ unless the frame got all bent up -

but as for the products themselves he is just blowing smoke up your back side -

Yeagertown, Pennsylvania, United States #30245

Whatever...sounds like alot of whining. If your complaint was legit then they would take care of the problem.

As far as your opthamologists comments how dare he lump all offices and practices into a blanket statement.

How unprofessional could he be. Some of your complaints don't jive.

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