Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I thought I would get a pair of glasses. Drunken Sales MGR.

comes to help me & flirts with me. I was sick at my stomach, the smell was horrid,not go back. Plus woman must be 60yrs.old & ugly.I can understand they were under construction,But her walking from back with lipstick smeared,and smelling of alcahol,not excusable,this Lacey lady was loaded!Lens crafters must be hurting for help I guess.I was not about to let her work on my glasses & eyes.

I thought that Lens Crafters was a pretty good place,until this day forward.

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Lacy is a good lady and I cant believe she put up with that s. o.


for a husband.

He is so sorry that the monkeys at the zoo even beat him up while he was doing community service for running from the police. The head shrink said that he was a sociopathic lier with latant *** tendencies


Lacy is a wonderful person and friend to many, one of the sweetest women that i ever met. A strong woman she is, for ever even putting up with such a woman abuser and *** addict as a husband..... Don't worry Lacy....if his intellegence, happiness,and longevity in life depends on his I.Q., you have nothing to worry about lmfao


Sunshine, quit talkin' to yourself.

(Sunshine is the composer of the complaint..you can bet on it!)


Is this really the forum to slander your ex-wife? Slander, that's legal term you should look it up. While you are at it, a dictionary would be a good investment too.


Sir, this is a serious issue and I suggest you call LensCrafters Headquaters and make a complaint, you can get the number by calling any LensCrafters and asking for it.