I thought I would get a pair of glasses. Drunken Sales MGR.

comes to help me & flirts with me. I was sick at my stomach, the smell was horrid,not go back. Plus woman must be 60yrs.old & ugly.I can understand they were under construction,But her walking from back with lipstick smeared,and smelling of alcahol,not excusable,this Lacey lady was loaded!Lens crafters must be hurting for help I guess.I was not about to let her work on my glasses & eyes.

I thought that Lens Crafters was a pretty good place,until this day forward.

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Brentwood, Missouri, United States #19714

Lacy is a good lady and I cant believe she put up with that s. o.


for a husband.

He is so sorry that the monkeys at the zoo even beat him up while he was doing community service for running from the police. The head shrink said that he was a sociopathic lier with latant *** tendencies

Mnichovo Hradiste, Stredocesky Kraj, Czech Republic #19688

Lacy is a wonderful person and friend to many, one of the sweetest women that i ever met. A strong woman she is, for ever even putting up with such a woman abuser and *** addict as a husband..... Don't worry Lacy....if his intellegence, happiness,and longevity in life depends on his I.Q., you have nothing to worry about lmfao

Kirovsk, Murmansk, Russian Federation #19192

Sunshine, quit talkin' to yourself.

(Sunshine is the composer of the complaint..you can bet on it!)

Lawrence, Pennsylvania, United States #19059

Is this really the forum to slander your ex-wife? Slander, that's legal term you should look it up. While you are at it, a dictionary would be a good investment too.

Green Sea, South Carolina, United States #18101

Sir, this is a serious issue and I suggest you call LensCrafters Headquaters and make a complaint, you can get the number by calling any LensCrafters and asking for it.

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