Houston, Texas

I order my glasses three weeks ago and they are still not ready. I was told 2 weeks ago that they were in and then told they were not, that they would be in the following week.

Another week went by and still no glasses. Here I am today 3 weeks waiting and just got off the phone and was told they will be in sometime during the next few days due to a 'lab problem'. BS!!!

They told me that last week. I am contacting my insurance company to see how to deal with this, since I am going for a refund and going elsewhere.

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the problem is that for some special orders, LC has to send to an outside lab. Currently there has been HUGE changes for these labs across the country, and unfortunately LC has to deal with waiting on them.

Example, Essilor has closed some labs down, and a lot of optical places; (not just Lenscrafters) that relied on those labs for service, now have to find other labs to process special orders. Because of this, yes, there are longer wait times on special orders. But there are some other optical outfits who are also waiting for the same reasons. Blame the people like Essilor who are closing down optical labs and sending them over seas.

Another option is to ask for something they can do "in house".

If they can process it in their store, you will probably get the product same day at least.

So having been in the industry for over 10 years, I can tell you that it really is an outside problem with these labs that are affecting many other businesses right now. But this unfortunately is not something that is always passed along to the customer.


Don't buy online, they are bad. Remember that LensCrafters takes their time to insure quality. *** like yourself only make things worse.


Had the same thing happen with americas best. Check out some online stores for glasses like zennioptical.com or glassesshop.com

They are dirt cheap (like 80% off) and they deliver in the same time as the big guys. IE 3 weeks.