Manhattan, New York

Myself and my husband went to LensCrafters located at the Meriden mall trying to purchase safety glasses and lenses for my husbands work. This was all to be covered by my husbands employers account and we were treated horribly.

The women whom I don't remembers name was not knowledgable about the employers account and what we would be getting or how to input it into the system. She proceeded to say that we would have to pay for the safety glasses & lenses and only receive the lenses for his respiratory frames which we provided at no charge. Keep in mind the paperwork clearer says lens crafters will receive 130.00 max, the lenses and safety glasses we were getting we're no where near that amount. She began to state very loudly in front of other customers that the paperwork only allows payment for one pair.

No where in the paperwork does it state it only allows for one pair of lenses or safety glasses. We then tryed to explain a previous employer came here and rcvd both at no charge.(he was Caucasian looking and so was she, we are brown Hispanics)she then called her manager on her personal cell phone and he was no help. To cut a long story short.he stated he wasn't knowledgable about the program and asked us to come back Monday.

Yeah we definatly will not be returning & suggest everyone else stays far away! They have no clue what there doing and have no customer service skills.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Manager.

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