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an update to the LensCrafters wiki - as the consumers you aren't the only ones getting screwed.

In this company's defense (god forbid) - people don't go to LC for "cheap" eye wear; they come to LC for the Bentley, not the Honda. As a customer, they do expect a modicum of service that reflects the expense and that, I completely understand.

Some of us actually try to provide that service, yet when there's only 2 of us working in the entire store (cutbacks) and there's 10-15 customers milling around, it's hard for us to keep track of every single person that wanders in looking for eye appointments, repairs, upgrades etc.

If you WANT to be noticed, don't stand in the back, take a seat up in the front row and don't just wander around aimlessly.

If we say "Who was next?" and you don't respond but someone else does, that's really not the individual's fault. As much as I dislike my current situation, I and my coworkers do not try to put the screws to you. We, if you are completely unhappy will even make recommendations to other eye wear companies so that your satisfaction is met. Much to the chagrin of our corporate masters I'm sure.

Grinding Rx's isn't exactly rocket science but it's not like we're flipping burgers either. Some prescriptions take longer and some times we run into mechanical glitches in our operations that very few of us are versed (or paid enough) to fix. Yet we cobble things together, we try to get you (the customer) the best estimated time if not done within the hour promised.

Take for example you have a 0.25 sph -.75 cyl on a 0 axis Rx for both eyes - I most likely have that in a single vision finished stock lens in the back; if you're in a HUGE hurry (blind, can't see, walking into wood chippers on the side walk), I can probably have it out in 15 minutes for you.

If you have a +6.75 sph, -2.00 cyl it's possible that it will take me longer than an hour - depending on the workload prior to your order being sent back. However, I will do my BEST to get the order out, same day, if I have the materials on hand and all machines are in operational order.

I ain't gonna lie, I'm in this business to make money but I'm also not going to add a $40-$60 roll & polish to a .025 sph lens in a "just because I can mentality" - #1 it's unnecessary, #2 it's unprofessional.

FYI - If you have a pair of glasses in a +8.00 sph Rx, I will recommend that you spend the extra $$$ and get a hi-index lens, it IS thinner, lighter and better visual acuity than a regular plastic or poly lens. Downside? It's not as durable as a poly lens but, if you're, what they call "poly intolerant" then it's either plastic or hi-index for you.

Spend the extra bucks for a better lens - as long as 1 of our 4 outside labs doesn't screw the pooch; we CAN have it back to you in 7-14 business days not including Sat/Sun or Government/Union holidays - we don't get deliveries on those days from shippers, usually.

Now, you don't HAVE to get your glasses at LC - I tell people this all the time. If you want the Versace or D&G frames, you can always buy them at LC or a comparable competitor; then go over to another local lab to have the lenses cut and fit to the frame - around $100 cheaper on the lenses but, it varies from material to material.

Luxottica/LensCrafters strives to be the fashionista of eye wear, they want to be Nordstrom, Bon Marché and Michael Kor but recent changes in the last few years have made them more of a McDonald's chain...

Most notably in, since January 2013 - I've lost all my commissions due to unreasonable sales goals, yep, that's right an hourly + commission job that is now just an hourly. I have not seen a commission since January - this is a massive LOSS for me, to the tune of $1000+ per month.

If the store doesn't hit an assigned weekly sales goal - the company pockets all our commissions. Imagine selling $24,000 in one week ... and get zero commission on it because your store didn't hit a weekly goal of $60,000. Strangely or perhaps not so... all upper management still gets their commissions and bonuses... I've lost around $4000 since this change took effect. That's just me, my coworkers are losing $500-$2000/mo in lost commissions since this shady practice began in January.

Like I said, I'm in it to make money but I'm also not going to sell dubious unnecessary *** to my customers that they don't want.

If the lot of you would do me and the rest of my coworkers the favor of writing home office to complain directly about your experiences and kindly, on the side, ask the company about this dubious practice of pocketing their employees commissions ;)

District 11 would appreciate your support 8)

LensCrafters Home Office

4000 Luxottica Pl, Mason, OH 45040

Phone: (513) 765-4000

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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To the two massively educated detractors - when one enters the axis in an Rx, it's either blank to indicate "0" or entered as "180" (because some software doesn't recognize "0" so you MUST enter it as 180).

If you look at a lens meter (lensometer to some) you will find that "0" is actually 180. Hence why, on the axis dial, it is referred to as the 0/180 "line". If you're using a Reichart "laser" lens meter, then obviously you're not going to have an axis dial to play with.

The axis dial "starts" at 180 degrees - when you want 2 to 10 degrees of axis you rotate from where again?

Technically the OP is correct and technically, you are both correct.

The OP using an finished lens as an example to the how/why/what - does not make him or her an ***. I think you two missed the entire point of this person's complaint.


I agree with Anonymous! It's 180, not 0.

Also, it doesn't matter what the axis is anyway for the point you're trying to make; if you can make the cyl power you can make any axis. Lol!


I could not finish reading your post after I saw this: "Take for example you have a 0.25 sph -.75 cyl on a 0 axis Rx for both eyes" There is no such thing as a "0 axis" You should worry more educating yourself about optics than your commissions.