Cincinnati, Ohio

I have purchased a pair of prescription glasses Oakley Evade- 13322-175 polish brown two years ago. The frame was $300+ and a lens was $200+. It been two years and my vision got worse so I came in to get an exam and update my lenses. I came in the store to have my lenses replace, the employee at LensCrafters refuse to replace my lens with new prescription. They said that I would have to replace both the lens & frame. Meanwhile my frame still look new and I don’t think that I would need to replace my frame also, the new frame was over $300. I feel that I should be able to just need to replace my lens if there were no need to have the frame replace.

Also, they said that I would get a 50% off on my child sunglasses, which I brought her a pair for $99. When I came out to pay for the sunglasses they said that I have to get a UV-coat on the lens for an additional charge of $15 and the UV-coat was a mandatory. I was very frustrated by the services and left the place without any new lenses or a new pair of sunglass for my daughter. I feel that this store is out there to get their customers too paid as much as possible, and they provided poor services.

After I left the store and went to Wal-Mart and get a really nice pair of glasses with frames & lens for only $120. I would never go back to LensCrafters again because of this terrible services and unwillingness to help their customer.

Monetary Loss: $550.

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Doing a quick search, the images for the Oakley Evade show a drill mount. There are a significant number of LenCrafters stores that do not have the in-house/store capability of manufacturing drill mounts.

There is a huge risk of damaging the frame when removing the temples and bridge and repairs on drill mounts are always of an iffy nature.

They could have tried to send the entire pair of glasses out to central lab, but there is always the chance that central would reject the frame and refuse to manufacture lenses for it. Additionally, if that specific model is no longer manufactured, it is doubtful that they would have the templates necessary for actually making the lenses for that specific frame..


In addition for your child they would have used a polycarbonate lens which already has a uv filter they wanted to sell you as an extra. Go figure.