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Went into lenscrafters at Arrowheaad mall in Glendale AZ to get a copy of last years receipts. The pld lady was so mean and rude, finally got thwm and left.

Two weeks later I had to go back in to get a copy of the Rx that was put into the glasses and tha old lady said no,she won't give me that.I asked (had to ask then tell her 4 times)to speak with a manager. A guy came out I asked ar eyou the manager and he said 'yes". I said have her wait ove rther because I don't like her attitude. He yelled "You can stop with your attitude NOW"!

He wouldn't do anything to help me get the receipt I needed.I caled the 800# customer service and they wanted to speak with the store. To my surprise there was a lady that said she was the manager. I said so you are the manager, he said he was the manager.She only replied he's a sales person. She was useless also.

That manager allows her employees to talk to customers any way they want and she backs them no matter what they say.

If you don't believe me, good luck going to this store. I do know that if that guy keeps up his attitude and treating customers that way he will either get knocked out or shot from some people that won't tolerate being treated like that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Manager.

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The receipt should have been easy to get for you. The copy of the rx is a different story.

In most LensCrafters the dr's office next door is a separate business. LensCrafters doesn't keep the written is usually given back to the customer.

Your rx was written by the should make your request to the doctor's office for a copy of your rx. :sigh