Delray Beach, Florida

what a horrible experience...

its now five weeks and i still havent received my prescription glasses. i went to the store last week and the manager thought it was funny and laughed at me because i requested a an additional free pair for their mistakes.

there are many other eyeglass stores, i suggest you go to one of them. this place is terrible.

why spend so much money and not be treated with respect

this company is poor in customer service. i dont recommend you shopping there with so many alternative places and at lower prices and better service and better care

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Manager.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I must say Lenscrafters in Maui is the most awesome place. I can't wear glasses from another place comfortably.

If there is a problem loaner glasses are given, that's money out of there pockets. I have never been better taken care off.

I really do love Lenscrafters. Also, they aren't satisfied giving you your glasses unless 110% perfect.


to mmmradtech--if the frames were indenting your head they were, in fact, too small. Much like buying pants or shoes in the wrong size, they won't feel good.

Ever. They are the wrong size. The LC employees will help you make a better choice, but if you are set on having THAT pair of CHANEL glasses, it's really hard for an employee to say, "you know, I think your head is just too fat for that frame." And they'll let you buy what you want.

Next time, only buy pants, shoes, glasses, etc. that fit you, and you won't have to deal with trying to "adjust" something that is the wrong size.


Just call the LensCrafters 800 number. Your complaint is given to the regional manager as well as the store manager. You will end up getting your glasses for free.


Hi I'm Holly w/ LC. I apologize you did not have a great experience at your local store.

I would be happy to help. Please email me your name, the store you visited, and any additional details you think would be helpful to resolve the issue. You may also call our Customer Care center 877-753-6727 8AM-8PM EST Monday-Friday, and 9AM-6PM Saturday/Sunday.

Anyone who answers will be able to assist.

Thanks! :)


Each store has the cell phone number for the regional managers, they just don't like to give it out. The company wants individual stores to take responsibility for cust.

service issues. If you call one of your local stores ask for a manager and then demand the regional manager's cell phone number.

They'll probably freak out a little and put you on hold for a bit, but they do have it and are allowed to give it out. You just have to be firm in your request.


Does anyone have the name and number of the regional manager of lens crafters in Lansing,MI? Our ck was submitted once and due to being $5.00 short, did not clear the bank.

Funds were put in immediately to cover the charge and we expected to have the ck submitted a second time. I have been to my bank twice asking if it was put through a second time and was told no, only one attempt. My husband called the store and was given a phone number of a collection agency. He called there and was told that they had no information of or on us.

We went to the store on Saturday to speak with the store manager who gave us the same envelope you get with your recepits in and said to call this number, which we did right there in the store. We spoke with a customer service rep who took information about our request, store number, date of purchase, check date, etc. and gave a contact phone number. We were told that the office was currently closed, (due to the weekend) and someone would contact us on Monday.

Not only did we not receive that phone call but got in the mail a letter from a collection agency stating "the above3 check used to purchase merchandise at LENSCRAFTERS has been returned unpaid by your bank. Teh check was redeposited; unfortunately, the check was ot honored by your bank on the second deposit attempt." Since I know this is untrue, I called and was told that the check is a promisary note and did not clear. In inquiring about the second attempt of resubmitting the check was untrue, he responded that "we only get information that was given to us". A phone call to the store with the manager resulted in a new phone number of 800-437-5120, which is a "new" company LensCrafters is using.

Calling there resulted in "you have to go through the collection agency". Now, I am angry and am to the point of just returning the glasses and going elsewhere. Otherwise, the initial service and glasses were what I would expect. The unfortunate part of being $5.00 short in funds for a $1500.00 plus purchase has left a bad experience.

Any help would be appreciated. :(


I know what you mean. I bought a pair of $500 Chanel glasses in there and they were just rude as ***.

I had to have them adjusted about 5 times. No one could get it right. They kept giving me a headache because they were making an indentation on the sides of my head...they were entirely too tight!

I ended up telling them to give me my money back and shove it. I'll never go back there again. :( Sorry you had a bad experience with them too.