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My wife and I stopped in on a Saturday where I met with one of the Opticians who was really nice. We got everything all squared away and I was on to the floor shopping for some new frames in no time at all.

I picked out a nice looking pair of frames and one of the assiciates helped me pick out the lenses. We got everything all written up and I was told that the order would have to be sent out. I was bummed that I couldn't get them in 1 hour like they are famous for but oh well no big deal.

So week 1 goes by and no call about my glasses. Kinda bummed.

Week 2 was approaching and still no call. At this point I called the store (incase they had an old phone number or something) to see where they are and all I got was "We are still waiting for them".

We are now past week 2, creeping up on week 3 and still nothing.

I have called them for the past 3 days and keep getting fed the "We are still waiting for them" line. At this point I would think instead of feeding me that BS they could actually call who ever they send those orders out to and see what happend to my glasses...

My wife has been going to America's Best in the past and she was actually going to start going to LensCrafters because of the nice Opticians but yeah....that's sure not gonna happen now.

Lenscrafters just lost 2 customers

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I think it the same with all big companies. You will get some stores/employees that really care about the service and others that don't.

I took a pair of Ray Bans tha I needed them to swap out my old lenses into the new pair that i bought elsewhere. Not only did they do it but it took four technicians to get it done because my lenses were not fitting into the new frames.

They could have stopped at two but went the extar mile. I loved their service.


i am a lenscrafter. it is TRUE, we can not get info.

regarding the status of an order from a human if the order isLESS than 10 business days old. even then it can be a challenge to get reliable updates. each lab prints out a list of incomplete orders daily. we can only call for help on the jobs 10 days out.

if we try to get an update from a human before that 10 day mark, we are referred to the daily update list. it is frustrating for us all.


I was at LensCrafter today trying to get a brand new frames. I walked in and nobody acknowledges me.

I figured, maybe they're busy so I went ahead and started to look at the frames on the display. I was standing around for 15 min and still no one came over to help me.

I finally left the store. Too bad for them, they just lost a potential customer who was willing to spend money on a pair of designer frames.


The labs that Luxottica which is Lenscrafters as a whole has been going through many changes, and it is of Lenscrafters control to give you an exact eta on the glasses. This is frustrating to Lenscrafters employees as well as the customers. You might want to talk to the general manager of the store for your inconvenience.


Honestly they don't know anymore about the location of your glasses than you do. The lab that manufactures them usually gives little details about the orders and tends to lie to the stores when they call. It's very rare that it takes more than 2 weeks for an order to be processed but my store will usually make the customer a pair of loaner lenses until the delayed lenses arrive.

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