Seattle, Washington

When dialing into the Tukwila, Washington Lenscrafters store, one is forced to listen to an advertisement about L/C products even before a human being answers the telephone. This is abusive and unacceptable.

This recorded advertising practice on the telephone should be stopped immediately.

Business telephones are designed to be answered by human beings to permit the conduct of business, and forcing people to listen to unsolicited advertising is a discouragement to the proper and reasonable conduct of business. In fact, if it weren't absolutely necessary I would have nothing to do with Lenscrafters based upon this obtrusive and unreasonable wasting of my time.

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1) It helps keep down ont he amount of people calling JUST to find out what the current sales are for

2) If you listen to ALL of the recording, it also directs you to who you need to talk to, usually "Press one to speak with the Doctor's office for exams, Press two to speak with a LensCrafters associate


did you ever think that it was for the customer? maybe they want you to know the current sales in the store....p.s. how much time did you waste posting this complaint



Now that you have that off your chest. Please state a real complaint.


What are you? 5 years old? I have called stores before and the advertisement lasts for about 20 are ridiculous and you symbolize everything wrong in this society.


They are so short staffed that there is no one to answer the calls.....


seriously?? what a ridiculous complaint.