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Update by user Sep 01, 2011

By the way, Pearl Vision has stated that as long as an RX has not expired they will fill it for 1 yr. I told them LensCrafters said RX is 2 months old and they could only give me a 10 month supply. Their answer to me .......bring in your RX for a 12 month supply

Update by user Sep 01, 2011

LensCrafters have the option to fill an RX up to 2 years. Why should they do this?

They know my insurance allows for 1 eye exam every year.

I also have to pay out of pocket 125.00 for this exam and for the past 25 yrs the 2 yr interval worked well for me. So while everyone is bashing Walmart and Sears they at least will give you a 2 yr RX for lenses.

Original review posted by user Aug 16, 2011

Got RX 3/2011 for contacts. Went back today to get filled.

Smug snot nose sitting at counter (yes you are a counter girl) tells me sorry, we can only give you a 6 mo supply, your RX expires in 6 mo. Whoa, expires? Seems they found out that insurance will allow 1 check up per year and they want their pound of flesh.At my expense that is. I asked when did this start, she gave me a vacant know it all look and said "always" I said I never come in every year for a check up since i pay out of pocket 140.00.

I said bye- bye. Went to Walmart, no problemo.

Lense Crafters along with Pearl and all the other conglomerates want you back every year regardless if you need an exam or not. 1800contacts or Walmart for me

Monetary Loss: $140.

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Oh come on pissed optician, overwear of contacts can definately cause ulcers!!! I've seen too many patients come in for that very reason...frying of retinas...never quite heard of that.

A contact lens wearer who wants to purchase contacts is REQUIRED by law to get a new exam if their RX is over a year old. Contacts are considered to be medical devices.


It is state law that you get your eyes checked every year and fitted for contact lenses. Any place that lets you order more contacts than exceeds your expiration date is not only breaking state law, but also is being very irresponsible to their customer's eye health. If you fry out your retinas with ulcers from contact lens overwear and cause permanent vision loss to your only pair of eyes, I'm sure you would feel a little differently about your eye care professionals having to babysit their patients for this reason.


Google FDA contact lens an you will find the laws for purchasing contact lenses:

# The expiration date for your prescription is currently set by your state. Some require a one-year renewal, some a two-year renewal. If your state has not set a minimum expiration date, Federal regulation sets a one year date unless your eye care professional determines that there’s a medical reason for less than one year.

# To be sure that your eyes remain healthy you should not order lenses with a prescription that has expired or stock up on lenses right before the prescription is about to expire. It’s safer to be re-checked by your eye care professional.

So while it is not recommended to stock up on lenses before your prescription expires, it is not the law as far as I can see. So in seeing this, why was the patient refused service? On what grounds, can you refuse to fill a valid prescription? Many times all you can do in a situation like this is highly advise the patient against this action and educate them about the risks. Ultimately it is up to the patient. It sounds like bellmom's issue was with the attitude and lack of respect she was shown by the associate. Maybe if the associate had treated her differently she wouldn't have felt the need to take her business elsewhere. Walmart and 1800 were obviously willing to help her. They have the same contacts sold at the dr. office, they come from the same vendor. To imply they are cheap in quality would therefore also imply the contacts at the dr. office are cheap in quality, which I'm sure wasn't your intention.


HI Bellmom, I dont think you are arrogant or a mean spirited person, just misdirected. I wear contacts and it is state mandated that you you get an eye exam for contacts every year because this is a device you wear IN your eye.

It needs to be checked yearly to ensure your eyes are healthy and is for the safety of your eyes while using contacts. It sounds to me like Wal-Mart or 1800contacts just wants to sell you anything they can regardless of what the laws require. Beware! Cheap contacts and pat on the butt saying sure you can get what you want, even if it may cause you damage, does not mean they care or will be so eager to help out when your vision is compromised!

There is no coming back from that!Out of all my senses, i would choose my vision every time!

No recession is worth could keep me from not taking care of my health. Not at any cost.


Kal, I have no time or the patience for ninnies like you. The RX did not expire.

I did not treat this incompetent , smug, snot-nosed counter girl rudely. She was rude and guess what Kal?, everyone on the planet is willing to fill an RX dated 3/2011 for a full year of contacts. Given the economy I could care less who fills it, Sears, Walmart, 1800Contacts. The law does not state that if the RX is 2 months old (not expired) that I can only get a 10 month supply.

Do your homework That RX is good for 1 yr of contacts up to the expiration date. I was told by Miss Snot nosed counter-girl that this was 'LensCrafters' policy.


Bellmom, you are clearly an arrogant and mean-spirited person. That "smug, snot-nosed counter girl" as you call her is in fact correct.

Since 2004 (which may very well be "always" in terms of her professional experience), federal law has mandated that all contact lens prescriptions expire after one year (eyeglass prescriptions may expire after one or two years at the optometrist's discretion). You treated this competent, well-informed employee very rudely out of ignorance, and then gave business to Wal-Mart of all places...

I'm not sure which is worse. :sigh