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I agree about the sunglasses which I do wear when I walk around and if you read the whole writing the glasses I purchased elsewhere has a clip on to my regular glasses. Now for the update.

When no one at lenscrafter Would get on the phone to discuss the matter sent a fax over to request that they cancel the order alby fri 12/23 or I would call headquarters. Ironically, 12/24 I receive a call from the second person I spoke to who said I\'d have to call back and ask for the sales person who helped me. He claims I was right and I was getting double chArged for coating as well as the lenses were not meant for someone with my eyesight. He said he wanted to make it up I buy one they\'d give me the other pair for free.

Said I just wanted my money back. He said I would have to come in to get it.

Apparently the glasses came in and they want me to try them on and possibly buy them anyway. They sailed the couldn\'t do credit unless I came in, you do the math.

Original review posted by user Dec 17, 2011

Went to Lenscrafter in Valley Stream, Ny since I have $$ left on my flex spending account (FSA). Went to Dr for eye exam which went as I expected. When i went to the side to get/pick out glasses, that is when everything fell apart. I was told to sit down, which i did. after about 20 minutes, one of the sales people said "did you pick out your frames?" after telling her know, she advised me to go look around. Not only did she not help pick out frames that would fit me, she was trying to sell me $400 - $500 frames and wanted me to get get more than one pair plus a pair of sunglasses. When doing the lenses, that is where the problems really came out. I spent 4 hrs in the store, told by one person the glasses would not come in until christmas (which was a little over 1 week away) another person said I'd get them before christmas and after calling to cancel/ask to speak to someone about the order, was told it would take 10 -15 days to be completed, well into the new year!

When I went to work and showed my boss the reciept etc, she called her husband who when she read the info to him, said i was getting charged 2x for coating, along with lenses i didnt need since i didnt have "Coke Bottle Lenses". Also I didnt need sunglasses if i really didnt drive etc. plus getting a contract was not needed.

Went to competative store after putting a dispute on my charge card since no one would talk to me after 3 days of trying to reach people in the store to assist me, where i was then informed again that I was being COMPLETELY RIPPED OFF by Lenscrafter! I was told again, that they were charging me for things i didnt need as well as double charging for things.

In the end, the second place charged me for glasses/frames/clip on sunglass lenses $418, Lenscrafters INFLATED bill and INAPPRORIATE CHARGES $1,500+. You do the math! And even though it is a week away from christmas, i should have it before the weeks end.

P.S. The person at the 2nd store explained that the people at Lenscrafter are SALES PEOPLE and work off commission! SO OVER PRICED and the other store for the same lenses would be less! also 4 people were in the store complaining that they bought glasses at lenscrafter less than 6 months before and they needed to get new glasses, that should not be. i dont blame the drs i blame the sales people at lenscrafter. people need to remember the dr even though they are in the same store they are not there "SELLING" glasses for lenscrafter! Lenscrafter is ripping you off and messing with you not the dr.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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I got the following at a Local Optical shop.

Marchon rimless frame $155.00

Varilux comfort II 1.67 transitions $375.00

Alize A/R $ 89.00

Total $619.00

The lenses alone at Suckcrafters for basic no-line lenses... not Varilux was over $500.00.

People are just flat crazy to use Lens Crafters, Sears, Target or any other store that is owned by Luxottica. They Suck


The Lenscrafters is Valley Stream has a General Manager that use to run Pawn Shops in Florida. So much for Optical.....


I think the main point of the complaint was about the prices being charged.

I bought a Definity Short progressive (also digitally surfaced, and made by Essilor) in High Index 1.67. I added Crizal Anti Reflective with a coating to make it harder to scratch (Scotchguard). I topped it off with a transition lens that turns gray when I go outside. The frames were $150. My total for the glasses BEFORE my insurance kicked in was $809.

I was told the UV was included, and I did not buy an extra warranty. Turns out my frames come with a 1 year warranty, and my anti reflective coating comes with one as well. If I scratch up my lenses, they will be replaced absolutely free. I have 90 days to make changes to my order and 6 months to decide if I like the progressive I was given.

I bought my glasses from a local optometry office. True, it took a week to come in because they don't do any glasses in an hour, but I don't think paying twice as much makes the one hour thing worth it.


Sorry, but you don't need sunglasses "because you don't drive"? Wrong. If you don't feel the need to protect your eyes from UV, then by all means, ignore anyone trying to sell you sunglasses, LensCrafters or otherwise. But if you want to try to help prevent cataracts or macular degeneration, you DO need sunglasses.

Not sure how your bill would have been that much unless you purchased their Hi Index "HD" lens, which is a thinner material than the polycarbonate, but is also a digitally surfaced lens...meaning it's optically better than the traditional hi index lenses, and better than traditional CR-39. It also reduces distortion, abberations, etc in the lens that you may get in a polycarbonate.

I am assuming the coating you are mentioning is the Anti-reflective (also called anti-glare) coating, which aids in reducing reflections of nighttime driving as well as minimizing reflections off the lenses. I personally get it on all of my lenses as I can see reflections of windows and sometimes my own eye on my lenses without it.

If the contract you mentioned was their protection plan, that's up to you. It's just there in case you break your frames or scratch your lenses, you only have a $25 copay instead of sinking another $200+ into buying another pair.

Long story short: make sure they ALWAYS show you the breakdown and explain what you are purchasing before you let them swipe your card. Don't want to wait? Ask about lenses they can do same day. I know there are some people who still care about the customers and won't bully you into buying something. It just so happens they seem to be getting rid of those people. Just remember that not all lenses are the same. I can't tell you how many times people have referred to a Sola Max lens as a high end lens when there is better out there...Varilux for instance (: