Yakima, Washington
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After getting a new prescription my wife suggested trying Lenscrafters in Richland WA as they were having a half price sale on lenses and a half price off sale for a complete second pair. I already had a price from the private doctor that did my exam and I wanted to compare prices before shelling out the cash.

I walked into the shop to be greeted by the backsides of employees more intersted in adjusting the stock than waiting on me.

Finally a man came out of the back to wait on me. I told him exactly what I wanted as to glass photo grey lenses and glass polarized sunglasses. He was more interested in selling polycarbonate lenses with special coatings and a $29 insurance pan. After picking out frames, funny they were all out of the $70 frames, I asked for the final price after all the sale deductions.

He quoted $465 which was $135 more than the private doctor. Stunned I asked if that was the super dooper sales price and he said yes withe polycarbonate lenses. Again I told him I wanted glass which for me is harder to scratch and the he says yes but we make the plastic ones in the shop...Bottom line the prices are higher than retail optomitrists and the customer service was poor at best.

I went on to Costco and got similar glasses for less than $210 with wonderful customer service. BEWARE SALES PRICES!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Customer Care.

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