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Lied to by management

While working I broke my glasses the other day. Seeing as well, I can't see more than 6 inches past my nose without my glasses and not having a spare pair, I called the Bloomington, MN lens crafters to check and see if they had my prescription lenses in stock. I was told they did and yippie, they could get me out the door with new specs that day, no problem. Well when I got there, the lady who greeted me was warm enough and invited me to look around for frames. As I walked over to check the frames out I noticed a taller man, guessing he was either the manager or an eye doctor, walk up to helpful lady and starts talking to her while staring at me. In the corner of my eye I noticed her turn and also start discretely looking at me. Not sure what he said tk her but she didn't look to stoked to do what she was just told to do- she walked over and nervously told me that the machine that cuts or shapes the lenses isn't working all of the sudden. All while, well I'm going to call him what he behaved like- snarky *** is staring at me, as if he wishes his eyes shot lasers that were capable of melting me into a pool of nothing. He stood there, staring at me (I checked my watch)for a good 15 minutes. When I went to the back of the store, he made sure I was in sight, crossing his arms and glaring at me. As you could Imagine, I wasn't having the easiest time shopping for my new frames and he made the whole experience well, feel like a shameful event. Didn't stop there. I remembered I brought in some frames my daughter had bought me for Xmas last year (a name brand that lens crafters does NOT carry) so I asked helpful gal if they could put lenses into those glasses in addition to putting lenses in the new frames I was still struggling to pick out. She went and asked snarky douchbag if they could do that, he rudely asked me "where did you get those? Just frames with no lenses, huh?". I told him that they were a gift from my daughter and he turned and started quietly talking to helpful gal. I couldn't make out what they were saying but after about 20 very uncomfortable seconds I loudly stated that he need not worry about it, I'll just pick frames out. I would have lit his *** up by now but hey, I need glasses. Badly. And while I was told that this machine of theirs suddenly broke down once I arrived at their shop (did I mention that I took an Uber there that cost me $35 each way because without glasses I can't see much of anything?). I'll wrap it up by saying i spent probably a half an hour after nit getting am answer about my frames, looking uncomfortably as all *** for a new frames, paid 100% out of pocket, believe it was $345 for the Oakley frames and lenses and got an Uber home. He looked shocked when I had no problem dishing out hundreds of dollars for the lenses and humiliation for free on the side. I can't possibly explain how over all embarrassed, shocked, upset and really just blown away I was by all this. I'm a 42 year old father, a decorated combat veteran (2,purple hearts and a bronze star) and yes I have some tattoos. But for *** sake, I have Grey hair and spent more on the boots I was wearing that I purchased a few days earlier at Nordstroms that this greasy *** spent on everything he was wearing. I can handle myself and normally I would have lit his *** up, embarrassed him by simply pointing out how he was treating me and produce the photo on my phone of George dubbya pinning my bronze star on my chest aboard the USS. Abraham Lincoln, left and of course not given them any of my business. But when I say "usually I would have"? Well, nothing like this has ever happened to me... ever. Well, maybe when I was 13 and was trying to pocket some double mint gum at the gas station... but for *** sake man! But today when I go to get my lenses? Well I'm going to find out if this machine was actually broken down yesterday, if not, seeing as it's going to cost me about another $70 for an Uber there and back, I'm not leaving until this *** either pays for my Uber, gives me some sunglasses frames of my choosing with prescription lenses or the *** cops show up. BTW? My brother is chief of police in coon rapids. This should be interested. Lens crafters? You really *** the bed here... I mean, whether you lied about the machine being broken down in an attempt to get me out of the store asap so I don't "steal?" Or if it was really broken down, this was the worst shopping experience I've ever had... seriously. This is the first complaint I've actually wasted my time writing.. ever. I had to because I have spent most the hours since this happened just steaming and hopped this would get it off my chest. User's recommendation: Tell the manager to *** himself
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Johor Bahru, Johor
  • Lady was nice
  • Cost me double uber money and humiliation
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Missing sun glasses

I received the new pair. Thanks so much! My son really likes his new sunglasses and I have both LensCrafters and RayBan to thank!
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Bellevue, Washington

Tread ion a Very Direspectful Ractist undertones