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Some of these complaints definitely merit being turned over to the state Attorney General's office. I would do it in a heartbeat. I think the entire chain needs to be investigated. So many of the complaints have a common thread. Bait and switch tactics, high pressure sales seem to be the order of the day at LensCrafters.

I even wonder if maybe federal laws have been broken. The RICO act? There are certain laws involving interstate commerce.

It would seem to me that if LensCrafters was a good retailer there wouldn't be so many complaints on here about them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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you pple are all directing your frustration in an entirely useless manner. first of all le caveat emptor ....let the buyer beware...second of all as an ex employee of greed crafters i can can tell you what the intelligent disgruntled customers do, instead of whining on the internet like a little girl with a skinned knee.

They get out a pad and a pen and write a letter to lc corporate headquarters and get results.By polocy lc employees are required to give out the address and phone number to corporate. During my tenure there I never saw or heard of a complaint that went to the corporate level that didnt end in a managerial *** chewing and a customer *** kissing. I.E free glasses and whatever else the customer demands!

the problem is the customers with the most legit complaints usually do nothing or at best sit on there *** and cry to the internet. Thirdly, and this is the sick and sad part customer satisfaction actually went up when they started pushing sales harder apparently the greater majority of idiots out there feel all warm and fuzzy when sombody "***" vinces them to buy *** they dont need.


Latest litigation against Luxottica. Which, by the way, is an Italian based company:

Dalbon et al v. Luxottica Group FL Southern Hurley Other Personal Injury

Hutchinson et al v. Luxottica Sun Corp. GA Northern Thrash Assault, Libel, and Slander


If you read the case law regarding bait & switch you will see that the courts also take into account the "subtle" tactics of bait & switch. What there ads say and what their sales people say and do are two different things.

As to "no one's holding a gun to your head". The adverrtising makes one believe that LensCrafters is the one place that you can trust your eyeware needs to. The unwitting customer will end up spending way-more than they planned because they think they can trust LensCrafters.

As to the boat load of lawyers; the government has an ocean liner full of lawyers and they are like bull dogs. They don't give up. After all, that's what we pay them to do; look out for our interests.

I really don't know why anyone wants to defend LenCrafters' tactics. Is there something wrong with fairness in advertising and dealing fairly with the public? Has our society lost all sense of honesty and fairness just to exchange it for greed? I predict that at some time LensCrafters' deceitful business model will fail them.

As to the number of complaints against LensCrafters'; How many dissatisfied customers are Internet connected? How many search Google for "lenscrafters complaints"? I found pages of web sites with complaints. I suspect it's just the tip of the ice berg.


Yet another person w/ entirely too much time on their hands.

Just so you know Lenscrafters has a boat-load of lawyers that make sure that they are not breaking any laws when they run their promotions.

There's no bait and switch going on. All their guarantees are spelled out and explained when the eyewear is purchased. As far as high-pressure sales, nobody is putting a gun to anybody's head and making them purchase the eyewear.

If they don't like what they're hearing, shop around, educate yourself. There are plenty of other opticals out there that these folks can purchase their glasses from.

Also, if you compared the amount of complaints to the amount of business they do, you'd see that the complaints are extremely few in comparison.


The RICO ACT? Do you mean Napolion Dinomite's uncle Rico??? hahahahaha