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I had cataract surgery, so only the right eye changed. The doctor told me the left eye was so close to the old prescription that I need only replace the right lens.

I went to My local Lenscrafters with my new script to get one lens. I went there because I got the old lenses there and thought they would have an easy time matching the coatings and such. But NO!

I went to Lenscrafters at Bloomingdale IL, Stratford Square. I did not want to shop, I did not want new frames. I did not want to spend a lot of time or money.

I was greeted as soon as I walked in, I started telling the young man what i needed when he cut me off saying he would get someone to help me. He led me to another young man who introduced himself and shook my hand. It's been my experience that if a salesman wants to shake your hand it's going to cost you. He asked if I preferred to called Al, instead of Allen. At this point my high pressure salesperson warning light was flashing. Just how many times was he planning to use my name in the five minutes I planned to be there. So I told him " All I want is one new lens for the eye that had cateract surgery."

I was told it was against Lenscrafters policy to replace one lens. The salesman added that if they did replace one lens it would cost the same as two anyway. I said that's ridiculous I had surgery on one eye I only need one lens. He said he was sorry but that was the policy. I said if that's your policy I'll leave. Then he says he'll check with the manager. He comes back and says sorry they can't do it. Then he tries to sell me new glasses. I walked out!

SO lets recap. I had a new script. So the (It's the Law argument) I've seen in other Lenscrafters Won't replace a single lens posts doesn't work.

I had just seen the Doctor so it wasn't out of concern for my health that they refused to help me. The problem is greed.

They wasted my time and the gas I burned getting there and back. Screw em !

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Manager.

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Buzzbum76 Since when is Bvlgari and Cartier not luxury? Both are sold at my store at Somerset.

And we can't sell just one lens, it wont necessarily match the other and then we have an even more unhappy customer because now they don't have what they need and still dropped a lot of money on it. The patient was asking their salesperson to do something that could get them in trouble.

Now I always try to help customers the best I can but I'm not going to do something that could get me fired. It's unfair to ask another person to do that.


If the doctor writes a rx for one lens, an optician can fill the prescription for one lens, especially if the optometrist/ophthalmologist writes "post-op cataract". This is done typically in cases where cataract surgery was performed on ONE eye, and there may be 6 months to a year before surgery will be performed on the other eye.


Aly and johnjohnf, there IS a way to do only one lens. Know how to work your computer system.

Coatings and tints are hard to match when doing one lens. What really makes it difficult are progressives. If the previous lens was, say SolaMax and they now have SolaOne, the progressive channel may be different and you will have a hard time using it. Having one lens with a lot of scratches while the other doesn't may bother you as well. If your lenses have an anti-reflective coating, they may look different. We've changed one lens before, it just depends on the circumstances and all of the factors in play.

Just FYI, I can't count how many times I have had a patient tell me "The doctor said my prescription didn't change much", then they get their glasses and that "slight change" seems like a large change to the patient.


the policy at lenscrafters has changed. you can no longer replace just one lens mainly because of the differences that can take place.

this can include difficulty in matching tint, transitions changing differently between the lenses, mismatching material and also the coatings not matching.

it really is in the best interest of the customer to change both lenses at a time. also, johnjohn is correct, the computer system will not allow a single lens replacement.


Oh my Johnjohnf....I am so glad you were not one of my employees when I managed an LC b/c I would have fired your condensending, low life butt in 2 seconds flat. How dare you speak to anyone with zero respect?

And p.s., LC is NOT luxury by any means of the imagination! Come see me when you want Roberto Cavalli or something of some substance and not a bunch of cookie cutter Luxottica frames.

And, we never had a problem doing one lens for a patient, the rules may have changed now, but that is a long as the patient is aware that if they have transitions, tint, or AR that there could be a problem in matching the color/coating. Have a nice day!!


I work at a lenscrafters and there is no way in our computer system to just sell you one lens. Why?

Because my company is smart enough to know that there are to many problems affiliated with doing this and we dont want to deal with your *** when you have problems when you only spent $90 Allen. In addition, Lenscrafters is a luxury store that sells versace, prada, chanel, raybans, etc. so what the *** makes you think you are going to purchase something cheap. If you want cheap *** go to costco.

you get what you pay for you cheap ***. Anything else I can answer for you.