Lewiston, Maine

Had screw replaced while under warranty & lens develop cracks shortly after at top of frame. They replaced lens saying it was defective.

Have to have same screw replaced again, while under warranty, again cracks develop on both lenses, this time! Take them in &, of course, warranty has run out & she tells me it is not because of anything they did when they repaired them, but could be caused by my hair spray or the way I clean them.

By the way, the only thing I use to clean them is the lens cleaner I got from them when I bought my glasses! Big rip off--& cracks are getting bigger & will have to get new glasses elsewhere!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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If it happens to multiple pairs, it might be time to look inward. if you used hairspray or ever got something like acetone on poly it can break the lenses.

stress fractures around the edges sometimes happen when you take them off one handed. everybody takes the off one handed at times, but it can crack your lenses.


Or, someone used loctite on poly lenses...


There could be a couple problems. Either there is something wrong with the frame (which happens sometimes), the screw was tightened too tight, the lenses are too big for the frame, or you don't take proper care of your glasses.


well if the same thing keeps happening, and on another set of lenses, there is always the possibility that maybe you are doing something that you are not aware of that is causing this to happen., but hairspray and other chemicals on polycarbonate lenses can cause them to crack.


If you paid for the glasses with a Gold or Platinum credit card there may be a way to place a claim under the credit card policy. I would also complain to the district manager and the company itself. DO NOT JUST TAKE THE WORD OF THE CLERK WHO GAVE YOU THAT ANSWER.