I experienced a problem with the frames coming apart. My complaint is with Ray ban, NOT PRECISION LENSCRAFTERS.

The lower 3/4 of each lens is held in place by a gold tone metal frame which is held in place to top plastic frame by 2 tiny screws. When the screws work loose, you can loose your lenses. What had happened was the one screwhead had worked it's way thru the mounting hole on right side of the eyeglasses plastic frame, allowing the lens to drop off. I initially contacted Northgate lenscrafters which did not have the frame.

I had bought these glasses so I could pass a odot physical. Also, I was taking a pre- employment test with a co. in Kentucky. The eyeglasses came apart on the way to take the written test.

I then grabbed a pair of Foster Grant readers. This was a mistake. Without corrected 20/20

Vision I struggled with seeing the program screen. Okay, this cost be a chance at a good job.

I am already retired thru state, but I really wanted this job. So, my test went bad, to say the least. I then tried contacting a lenscrafters who had a replacement frame match. I called Norwood location and I had immediate resolution involving replacing the Ray Bans.

Originally, this location had made the original glasses. I got first a lady and then a gentleman who immediately did an exchange of the 180.00 frames. The staff was SUPERB in the way things were handled. The original frame was replaced no questions asked.

My lenses were moved to the new frame.

Norwood lenscrafters

Stood behind the purchased and di an excellent job. Shop at this location

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