Colorado Springs, Colorado

We asked about re-newing a perscription for contacts. Told we needed a new exam.

When asked the price of the exam, we were told $75.00. After the exam, we were told we had to pay $140.00!

When asked why such a drastic difference, we were told that the initial quote was for eye glass exam that was mandatory, the rest was for the contact exam. The assistant knew that we were asking for a total, when we asked the exam price.

He was not appologetic...

I believe this is standard practice for lens crafters, to intentionally mis-quote the price.

We would not have done bussiness with them if we had known of this practice or the total price. After 4 years of using the same clinic, they have lost our bussiness forever!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eye Exam.

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Strange when I called last week I was told exams start at 99 and progressively get more expensive as the exam goes on. In the end I went somewhere else to get my eye exam.


Yeah, you are probably a really smart customer if you go back to the same doctor for 4 years and not know the price lol.


Last time I went there they were $75 for exam and $175 with contact and eye photos...they gave me the correct price over the must have been mistaken


you didn't know what the price was after 4 years of being at the same clinic?




Unless you are in California you did business with an independant doctor, and not Lenscrafters.