San Diego, California

I've done business with Lens Crafters since 1986. The doctors have been great.

The quality of the glasses and the staff seems to have gone downhill. I tried the Transition lenses a few years ago. I decided to avoid any more new gimmicks after they quit working and turned an annoying shade of yellow within a year. The last time I bought Ray Ban Rx sunglasses as well.

The time estimate was 3 weeks. It was closer to 3 months. There were no updates from the store unless I called them. I called corporate.

They were nice, but it seemed like they only have a little influence in how their stores run. But, I got $100 off. Even though I use lint free cloths and treat my glasses much better than I used too, my regular glasses got so badly scratched, within a year I had the lenses replaced. Then, within a year the same thing happened to these lenses.

The quality isn't much better than the 3 dollar safety glasses we use at work. They can send me all the fliers they want, but I don't trust them anymore and this time I'm going somewhere else.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I have been shopping at at Lenscrafters for at least 20 yrs.

Quality and customer service is in decline. Very overpriced.

Corporate needs to take a look at these major issues. Last 2 times, and my last time, the store was empty in a very busy mall.

You can just fool customers so long.


I totally agree! They have just this year lost 2 loyal customers who have purchased their eyeglasses there for about the same number of years as you. I too will be recommending against going there to my friends and family, and I used to encourage them to go there.


correction: I am from Ohio, not Troy Mich as my reply indicates.


Hello, I'm sorry to hear you had a horrible experience the last few times you visited our stores. I am happy to look into this situation further.

Please email with the store you visited and your contact information.


Thank you, but I contacted the corporate customer service before. I'm not looking for coupons or discounts.

Being able to see right is important to me. Glasses are expensive, so like most people, I expect a certain amount of quality to justify the price. My girlfriends' glasses are falling apart as well but that may be the frame manufacturer (DKNY). Some of what I'm reading here, even with a grain of salt, also seems to back up my observation.

As for service, I'm not looking for someone to kiss my behind. However, if the service experience is bad enough, discounts don't make it better. We'll take your money, but we're still not going to come back if we feel like we can expect the same kind of experience again.

I don't expect such a large company like Lens Crafters to change the way they do business until they see that enough people are frustrated. So, I'm just joining the crowd here.