Weirton, West Virginia
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I had an eye exam at the LensCrafters in Robinson Twp., Pittsburgh, PA in May 2009. I was pushed into purchasing prescription glasses plus sunglasses. I was surprised that I needed glasses and told them that I thought I could see just fine (I use 1.0 'cheaters' for reading). The Dr. stressed that I could not see well and that it was dangerous to drive without glasses. I purchases both pairs plus many of the extras like anti-glare.

Two years later I get an exam from an independent optometrist. He said that I don't need glasses and never did. My "prescription" glasses from LensCrafters had clear glass on the left side and the lowest possible correction on the right.

I have no vision insurance and paid those scam artists nearly $1000 dollars out-of-pocket. They are criminals.

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YOU can not even begin to believe how often this happens.....

No one can tell me that Luxottica is all about the $ not the best interest of the patient. Stay away......


You dont KNOW if you can see? Someone needs to TELL you how you see? Pretty mousie..