Winnipeg, Manitoba

I bought two pairs of glasses three weeks ago from Lencrafters on Kenaston in Winnipeg. Glasses took a week but when I went to pick them up one pair, (Reading glasses) had a problem and they had to re-do them.

Took the other pair, progressive bi-focals which were supposed to be Photo-Gray. After 10 days the reading glasses were ready and by then I had found that my bi-focal set did not darken in the sun as they were supposed to. When I went to the store, they said that it was a cloudy day and that it sometimes takes a couple of weeks for the photo-Gray to take effect. I brought an old pair and showed them that even with an overcast sky, they were darkened.

They spent some time looking for a UV light to check them and finaly agreed that the Photo-Gray coating had not been put on as the order specified. They would re-order the lenses and in about a week I could come in and they would install the proper lenses in my frames. Ten days later They phoned and said the new lenses were in and I could come in and have them changed. I did not get a chance to go and do this for two days, (their store is about 20 kilom.

from where I live) but today, Friday, when I went in, i was told that their was no lab technician in and they could not change the lenses. When they phoned to tell me the replacement lenses were in, no mention was made of the fact that a technician was not at the store every day. I don't know why you need a lab technician to remove two screws and switch a pair of lenses.

I would think that any of the three guys working in an Eyeglass store would be capable of such an operation.

This is unacceptable service from a national company and I would not recomend this company to anyone. we will not be buying from them again.

Al Nelson

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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Customer in Ohio: If an order has to be sent out, they quote about 7-10 business days. The reasoning for this is because all the LensCrafters stores (as well as Sears Optical and any other company owned by Luxottica) are all done at the same lab(s).

They have to generate the lenses (as well as sometimes edge them) and then send them back to the store. If there is a breakage, they have to restart which can cause a delay. If they run out of stock of something (which I've seen happen), that can also cause a delay.

And Sean is right.

When the lab sends lenses, most of them need to be edged to your frames...which a lab tech has to do. It's something our store tells people and lets them know a good time to come in when we will have a labbie available.


They don't even tell you why something takes a week - first they say that the frames are in stock and will be done within a couple days. Go back a week later and they don't really know where your lenses are! North Olmstead, Ohio Lenscrafters needs to set proper expectations!


Lenses normally do not come from a lab precut to your frame, they need to be shaped to fit your particular frame by lab techs at an in store lab.