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TAMPA, FL 33612..Iwant this noted because this is 'my' only reference to them. Many things but this primarily.

Change my mind after exam and wanted progressive lens.The 'examiner' just 'adjusted' the script. Can't do that and give quality product, Was told none of the glasses were on sale except the few up front. That was not true. Got the glasses back and when she took them out of the box they looked stretched.

and they were. Then she just handed them to me and I put them on and did not one thing! What was I supposd to tell 'her'? It was like I was supposted to tell her, when I had not a clue!

She said the perverbial..if you have any problems come back... Like i had all the energy and time in the world! Just put them on me and I was supposed to tell her~! What..

do what the other places did when I bought eyeglasses!?! How do you 'talk' to a sales person that works likethis> Went home. They kept falling off, Went back another persons heated the part around the ears. And that was it!

Went home ,they still did it... So i just got a refund .! Almost 400.00 dollars! Then!

she said they were scratched but they were supposed to be scratch resistanct!!!.. They could have and should have been adjusted where they were stretched like a big headed person had worn them..stretched like that.. So they gave me a refund but left out other expenses I had incurred with them. Such bad service 'I' have never seen...

If Lenscrafters do not monitor their staff all the way from the examiner to the sales person..They will keep getting complaints like this. Maybe they don't care, maybe it is a write off..But it stinks to get caught like this and waste time,ENERGY! and money!

Do they really care? Beats me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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Hi I'm Holly w/ LensCrafters. I am so sorry to hear of your unpleasant experience.

I would be happy to see if there is anything we can do to rectify this situation for you. Please contact me with your name, and any additional details you think I may need to assist at, or 877-753-6727 Option 6