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I have gone to the same LensCrafters for the last 5 years due to the proximity to my work. I will not return. I have no complaints about the doctor except for wait time.

The store is a complete other story. To keep this short, the store is understaffed and the attention to detail is not there. Ordered new lenses, of course it takes 2 weeks because of the anti-glare lenses. I called at 2 weeks and got the run around. I called the next day and they got the lab person on the phone to tell me that there was something wrong with the lenses and it would be another week. I again called at three weeks and they finally were able to find my lenses and have the lab cut them quickly for me.

After 3 weeks of dizziness and headaches, I went back. The prescription was filled incorrectly, and it was going to be another two weeks. The poor staff was overwhelmed with the 6 customers who were all waiting to be serviced. I do not blame the staff, I blame poor management for the lack of organization and lack of presence. The lab guy was calling all the shots on this particular evening. I spent 1 hour and 20 minutes waiting for resolution for this issue.

There have been a few select retail issues like this where I feel truly like I would never enter the building again or give the company my money and time. This is one such occasion.

The store is in Gwinnett Place Mall.

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Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard for the management to properly staff the place. They only have a certain amount of hours they are able to work with each week.

In the store I work in, there are times when we may have one or two people come in throughout four hours, but have four people on the floor. On other days, we will see twenty people come in throughout four hours, and only have two people on the floor. There are trends that they look at and try to schedule enough people for, and being in that store there are some days we expect to be busier than others, but they aren't always that way.

If the prescription was filled incorrectly, the lab person and whoever did the second inspection should have caught that.

There should be no excuse for that. The company requires second inspections for a reason.



I am very sorry to hear of the poor experience you had at the Gwinnett Place Mall. Please forward details of your experience, along with your name, and I will be happy to work to resolve this issue with the management team of this location.

You may email details to Or call 877-753-6727 anyone who answers will be able to assist you.