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I placed an order on 6/26/13 for contact lenses. After returning from vacation 3 weeks later I realized that the store hadn't called me. I called and was told that someone (Trish) had indicated in the computer that the lenses had already been picked up. I told the person on the phone (Jane, a floor supervisor) that I had not picked up my lenses. She told me that she would rush an order for me and they would be in the store in a few days. The very next day I received a phone message from Jane telling me that the contacts were in. ( I thought "wow, great service")

When I arrived to pick them up another associate (Jean) found the contacts and started to check me out - as I looked at the boxes I realized that only the lenses for my Right Eye were there. Jean looked at the order and it showed that whoever placed the original order in the system made an error. Jean couldn't figure out how to fix it so she went and found Jane.

After Jane spent @20 minutes trying to figure it out I finally said "cancel the order, I will go someplace else". Jane credited my card for the full amount - during the process Jean walks back over asks "what's going on ?" I tell her "what's going on" and she makes a face - rolls her eyes and walks away.

The next day - I went to a different Lenscrafter ( Boca Raton ) and they tried to place the order but the Boynton Beach store didn't release my insurance benefit from their system. After 2 hours of phone calls between the Boynton Beach store manager (Kris) and the Insurance Company they finally released the benefit so a new order could be placed.

My advice... Stay away from the LensCrafters on Boynton Beach Blvd. in Boynton Beach, FL. They don't know how to manage their store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Manager.

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