Bakersfield, California

At 11 a.m. January 18, 2013

I must inform you that my experience with LensCrafters Valley Square in Bakersfield, California was a negative one. It began with the person on the telephone with whom I was making the appointment; it must have been her first day on the job as she seemed out of touch. In retrospect it seemed she was inattentive because I had to repeat answers to her questions; perhaps she was distracted with customers. (I should have gotten my clue then and said forget out making an appointment you.)

When I arrived for my appointment the person who initially waited on me answered a telephone call in the middle of serving me; I thought this was unprofessional and rude! She was looking at me while talking on the telephone; I asked her, "Are you talking to me?" She shook her head 'no.'

Eventually another employee with a hi-lited form and asked me to verify the information. I had to make a correction on my birthdate because the error was made by the employee on the telephone with whom I made the appointment.

After waiting about 10 minutes, I was called and informed that my vision insurance was "no good." I replied, "The LensCrafters employee on the telephone told me that my vision insurance was eligible." Understandably, I was very upset and left your store.

Being retired I watch too much television and there sure are a lot of other vision, eye glass providers competing with each other in their advertisements! I would have hoped to receive much better professional and proficient treatment from LensCrafters. Oh well, you have plenty of competition and I have already made an appointment with one of them! Your loss and I will certainly remember to inform my friends and family about my negative experience with LensCrafters.

Charles Conner -

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