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To Whom It May Concern:

Recently i purchased a pair of glasses from the Lens Crafter store in Tupelo, MS. The girl who fitted me told me that if anything was wrong with the glasses to return in 2 weeks. I did and told her that the bifocal needed to be lowered. She tried to adjust them and told me to bring them back if they weren't right and i did, once again and asked if i should send them off to be remade. She again told me that she could adjust them and the next day i brought them back to be adjusted and she tried once again and told me to wait 2 more weeks. I did' In the meantime i dropped my glasses and had a scratch on the lens and took them in to repair them explaining that the bifocals were still too high and lenses needed to be remade because i was tired of coming back and forth for adjustments. This time she told me that my time had run out for coverage and that it would cost my over $100 to replace the lenses. The same girl had put me off so that she wouldnt have to deal with sending my glasses off. I use to work for an Optometrist and knew that the bifocals needed to be lowered. She was smart with me and i felt just to prove a point that she knew everything she took the matter in her own hands avoiding to let the technicians take care of the problem. This woman was of AfricanAmerican descent, in her 30's and because i was white, did everything possible to prove that she was running the show. I feel that i shouldn't have to pay for the lenses, because i feel she did this on purpose, trying to be Smart, instead of following the proper procedure. I work for the government and have a very intense job using my eyes. My glasses need to be exact. I explained this to her and she actually was very offensive that i had such a job.

Sara E. Jones

Monetary Loss: $300.

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""This woman was of AfricanAmerican descent, in her 30's and because i was white,""



Lastly - LOVE the - I work for govermant -

1- I would not advertise that - since i know the goverment - DOES NOT WORK !!!

AND also (( CHUCKLE ))

My glasses need to be exact



ya why dont you :cry about it


you complain too much.