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I went to Lens Crafters originally for an eye appointment, and then to purchase a pair of glasses with one of there promotional offers. I purchased a pair of Versage frames for the new lenses.

The lenses were coated with an anti glare coating, on what I come to find out was cheap plastic lenses. Lens Crafters sure has a *** job way of padding the price for a pair of glasses. I was promised a quick delivery, and they were late by almost two weeks. When I did get the glasses the lenses did not even fit the frame, so I had to wait while they fixed there screw up.

After only a few weeks the coating and lenses scratched using there soft cloth that came with the glasses. When I complained about how bad the coating had become several months later, they said the warranty had expired. Now let me get ths straight, I pay over $500.00 for glasses and they won't even last a few months??? To make matters worse, after a year the "Versage" frames literally feel apart at the spring loaded hinge, and when I called about ths too, I ws told there was nothing that could be done about it.

You know what Lens Crafters, we all work hard for our money, and when we shell out good money for *** product it *** us off. Now I have a $500.00 pair of glasses that are both scratched, and non-functional. I will be filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and the Indiana State Attorney Generals office for deceptive business practices.

My best advise is to not walk away from these guys, BUT RUN away from them. There are too many good companies out there that do not stoop to the level of Lens Crafters.

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It's Versace.


The sad thing is that the parent company to Lenscrafters, Luxottica, is the one who manufactures the frames as well. When Lux sells those frames to an independent office they offer a 2 year warranty to the office. Many practices will then extend that same warranty to you.

The same is true of the anti-glare lenses. The major players in the A/R coating industry offer 2 year warranties on their coated lenses. Some labs will attatch a service fee.. but still we are talking $10-20 not 50% of the lens cost.

So if you had bought them from an independent shop, you could have had a 2 year warranty on frame and lens..