Richland, Washington
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The Lenscrafter rep. Was extremely abrasive. Very defensive when showing her my scratched glasses. Immediately said,and I quote, "Those can't be fixed", before I could say one word. I was actually there to purchase new lenses. You should be listening to what the customer has to say and not assuming what the customer is requiring. The customer is always king.

I will never return or ever buy any products from Lencrafter. You really need to better screen your employees, and focus on hiring customer oriented people. I would expect you to answer this complaint at your earliest convenience.

Carolyn Bergstrom


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Wow. Misleading review.

Obviously you're just an abrasive customer who thinks they are royalty and that people, whilst working in the service industry, should know their place and keep their mouth shut while princess you is speaking.

I certainly hope I'm never shopping for glasses at the same time as you anywhere. Seeing people act like royalty and treating service people as peasants makes me uncomfortable.