Stone Mountain, Georgia

Went to Lenscrafters about a month ago to get glasses for the very 1st time, they gave me a prescription for distance only and the Dr wrote a prescription for progressive lens which includes bifocal w/no line. Told them b4 I left that I could not see any difference in me seeing.

Told me to give it 2 wks for my eyes to adjust, did that, went back after a month to the date and they want to charge me another $120 and all of this is w/insurance, spk to a mgr only got it down by $24 dollars and then still have to wait another 2 wks 4 the lenses to come back.

The has been the worst experience ever!!! Will never go back and will not recommend anyone to ever go there!!!!!!

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Yes! I agree with theron, (March 31, 2012).

I avoided going to the eye doctor for years because of that reason. I recently went to Lenscrafters the second time for my "yearly" exam. Before I even had the exam, I was told to go and look at frames. The frames I have are a year old, and I like them.

I explained this to the eye doctor. After he he examined my eyes, he said there was a some change in one eye. I told him I could not afford to buy new glasses. When compared, I could not tell the difference between the current Rx and the new one.

So, I opted to stay with the current Rx and current frames. He made the comment that he hoped that nothing happens to my glasses.

I am now looking at Costco for future eye exams and glasses. I will also opt to get an eye exam every 2 years unless there is a problem.


Hi, my name is Holly. I am with LensCrafters Customer Care.

I apologize you were unahppy with your in store experience, and any additional charges that were mentioned. Please send details of your experience, including your name and store to or call 877-753-6727 with details and we will try to assist.


I don't think we're getting the entire story... The only reason you would be charged more is if the material was upgraded.

Even then, you're only paying the difference in price. And to top, most insurance only pays the bare minimum. Also, the doctor's office is only located inside of Lenscrafters, they are an independent practice (@nikalseyn). Therefore, why would they just 'make up' a script?

They're getting paid from the exams, not on the glasses being made. To confirm the other comments, and Optometrist is the best choice because they specialize in refraction.


Annon is correct. I actually recommend an OD vs MD for refraction, this is their specialty. MD's specialty are diseases and surgery.


If you ordered distance glasses it would be a lower price than something that is a no line bifocal. Of course it costs more money for a more complicated lens design. Duh!d


An optometrist is a real eye doctor. They complete their bachelor's degree, then spend four more years going to school so that they can right you a good prescription.

An ophthalmologist goes to school for surgery and to treat more extensive eye conditions. An optometrist solely focuses on writing prescriptions but will refer you to an ophthalmologist if they detect something else. Also, doctors will right an rx for a progressive for many different reasons. The patient could have an astigmatism, which can not be corrected for with an over the counter reader.

They could need a different correction in each eye, thus an over the counter reader would not work.

Though I'm sure some people can use an over the shelf reader, it may not work for you. Any doctor, whether it be an optometrist or ophthalmologist would be able to tell you if one would work for you, if only you ask....


I have been to Lenscrafters many times, never being satisfied, so I fanally gave up. I feel that many of the so called eye doctors make your prescription stronger than needed so you feel you have to buy new glasses.

I now go to cosco, they are very easy to work with if you have a problem and so far I am happier there than I ever was at lenscrafters or pearl vision.


Your mistake was not having your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist. This is a real medical doctor, not just an optometrist---or, in the case of WalMart eye people, a semi-literate eye doctor wannabe.

These chain eye places can be deceptive and scam you royally. Best always, for your wallet and eye safety, to go to a professional. The cost is about the same.

A real doctor would have probably told you that your eyes "could" use some correction, but that you probably didn't need to get glasses.

Or, just told you to go to the dollar store and buy a pair.

At a place like Lenscrafters, they will sell you whatever they can even tho your eyes need little, if any correction. Best to stay away from them.