Silver Spring, Maryland

i'm complaining about the whiney people on this site, you break your glasses, and you complain they are just giving you a break in the price? they don't have to do that!

I think it's nice of them to do it! Other companies, you walk out the door, you break, tough! be thankful! AND the way people treat their glasses, appalling, so quit whining!

suck it up and pay for the replacement for your glasses! My 15 year old doesn't whine this much get over it!

I bet you're not the best customers either! blah

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You sound like a pressed and underpaid manager.


so how long have you been drinking the punch???


I agree that the majority of the time, people complaints are largely their fault.

But if LensCrafters is going to give in and give free glasses every time, why not? I say take advantage of it as long as you can. Retail companies have set the standards for themselves, so I do not blame the consumer at all for complaining. They wouldn't complain about the *** stuff if the companies that they complain to would stop rewarding them for it.

BTW. If you want to complain and get free glasses at LensCrafters, the number is 1-877-753-6727


How is a poor solder point on the frame of my glasses my fault? How is my fault that lenscrafters quit carrying that frame 7 months later and even though I bought the 1 year extended warranty I had to buy a new set of glasses and frames since they would not look or call any of either sister stores to see if they had any product left.

So it was my fault that I had pay another $400+ for something that I did not make? If I would have sat on them, dropped them or abused them sure I could see your point but maybe just maybe not everyone is as clumsy as your child. Some of us just don't come back for 5-7 years and taken their whole families to other eye centers. I want to come back but who is to say that I won't get screwed again.

Legit concern.


Hi I'm Holly w/ LensCrafters. I am so sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience reading all our complaints.

I would be happy to discuss your problem further. Please contact me at or call at 877-486-6486.