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I went to Lenscrafters and ordered 2 pairs of glasses on June 1, 2018. I went back 4 times (8 times round trip) plus 1 phone call because of lenses that were ordered incorrect.

I had to pay extra $ for that. (Their error) I called the manager twice and was told they were unavailable and they would call back. (Still waiting for that call.) I called customer service and spoke with a woman there and got the email of a person named Justin who was like a manager who would take care of the situation in my area. The email was wrong.

I went online and spoke with a gentlemen from customer service and he gave me the correct email.

I emailed Justin a few times along with a copy of an updated bill from my eye dr with corrected lenses that my Dr had filled which cost me extra $ so this can be done right. Everytime I left Lenscrafter I would hear Gee, I'm sorry about this.

I've been a customer with Lenscrafter for several years and this is how they treat them.

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