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On 12/9/2011 I lost my most recent prescription eyeglesses and surfed the web looking for a reasonable price, what anyone would do, I found a Lenscrafters Ad for 50% off clearance and scheduled an online appointment for 12 noon that Monday 12/12/2011.

When I arrived at the store Monday @ 11:50 I was greeted by a seated gentlemen whom I immediately asked about the clearance frames and whether or not the had my type of frames in clearance ( I am partial to rimless frames). He said yes we do but the sale ended. I said OK, I'll go over and cancel my appointment and try again when there's another sale like that one or better. (I am paying out of pocket and still have many older prescriptions from this same store I can use until I get the new pair). I did so and returned home.

After maybe half an hour I went online to check out other sales and the 50% off sale was still on and this was not one of the stores or areas listed in exceptions, plus I new they had the sale because they said it ended. The sale was on until 12/24/2011, two more weeks.

I called the store at 12:34pm and spoke with Roberta, store policy is they don't release last names or so Roberta said. I explained that I had just left and why and she said that it was probably corporate "forgot" to remove the ad because the received a memo the sale was over. I became annoyed and told her that the ad said offer open until 12/24/2011. I came to that store and took time off work specifically because of that sale. I became frustrated, I said it was outrageous and informed her I very much intend to follow through on complaints about this issue, with the attorney general, the better business bureau and the corporation itself. I asked for a contact number where I can register a complaint and she said she was with a customer can she call me back? She never did!

I called the store back at 12:59 and asked for Roberta, the man who answered said she wasn't available, so he asked me as to what this was in regards to. I explained and that's when he informed me of his name (Dana ?) and that he was the retail manager. I told him about the ad and again his attitude was it's all corporates error, we have no control over what corporate does.

I just became more frustrated and explained that I booked the appointment based on that sale and my appointment was accepted, under good faith I expected what I saw. He was not interested, it's all corporates fault. He gave me the phone number to call: 1-877-7-LENSCRAFTERS 1-877-753-6727

I called @1:14pm, Once speaking with a friendly representative I again explained what happened, after some brief facts and verifying the ad she placed me on hold to contact the store, specifically Dana.

After being on hold for a few minutes the rep returned and informed me the store had a "clerical error" with the store signage and rest assured the sale is indeed still on, hooray.....but what about me? She said that Dana would be calling me shortly to apologize for the "clerical error", he never did!

I booked my appointment, I drove to the location, I was refused and sent away, I became so frustrated and its come to this! I am 46 years old and this is only the second time in my life I've fired off this kind of complaint.

This bate and switch tactic used by the huge corporation can not be tolerated! It should be illegal, a corporation as large as Lenscrafters must be held accountable, The 1% should not cheat the 99%

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Lenscrafters is a horrible company to work for! This is coming from an employee of 5 years!

Im a "fulltime" employee that always makes my numbers, yet out of nowhere they cut our hours to less than 30hr/ week without any explanation... I'm about to lose my health and dental benefits because of this!

all they see is $$ and no heart for the employees bringing it in! They are a rip with prices that are horribly expensive....