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I have been a customer of Lenscrafters, in Beachwood, OHIO for years....for not only myself, but my husband and my parents. We ordered my husband $800.00 glasses on 12/24/2010....It is now January 18, 2011 and still no glasses...There is little recourse, because we only had to pay $200, since our insurance picked up the rest.

Unfortuntaely, by this being an end of the benefit year purchase, we don't want to deal with the hassle of trying to get another company to cover the new glasses thru 2010. Anyway, after personally stopping by the store weekely, after the promise date of January 2, 2011, being told it will be here in 2 days EACH time I went.. I have finally had enough. I went into the store one last time, for two understand why, throughout this situation the only communication with them has come from me...they not once called to give me or my husband any kind of update...and also to get the info for the District manager, becuase clearly the store manager has dropped the ball. It took the employees 20 mins. to come up with the corporate address and and 877 number...

On top of that, they sent a tech upfront to talk to me. The only reason I could see is that they felt that because i was African American and he too was African American, that maybe he could get me to not be upset.. Unfortunately for them, there is a reason why he is not a customer facing employee.. He proceeded to try to argue and overtalk me.. all in hopes to convince me that the loaner pair of glasses, they decided to offer today, would satisfy me.. And when I told him that I truly have no desire to have them he cotinued on, as if ignoring my request would make me take them...

Needless to say, no promise for the glasses to be here before "at best next Monday," and all they want to do is offer me 25% off what I paid out of pocket...

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Cry alot!


18777655252 that is the number or 5137653000. Cincinatti number.


Sounds about right. More than likely what happened was an issue with the quality of the lenses.

Well the company has been buying out other optical chains. Sears, Pearle Vision. The best part is they shut down their only facility that could ever keep up with demand. That was in Cincinatti Ohio.

And trust me they have difficult jobs. They are understaffed and overworked. Lenscrafters has no business promising something. Trust me they cant deliver.

Now the number you can call is 18667655252. That is their man corporate number. And the Regional is limited at best. Currently they are transitioning to all part time employees.

Well the only place that works is at a fast food restaurant. So with all your troubles there are the best routes to go. Call the Better Business Bureau and also call the Federal Trade Commission. Enough complaints and they will look into it.

Remember company's that operate in the United States are bound by our laws. Consumer laws are there to protect you. Your story is one of countless ones that will be heard. Speak up and let them know how you feel.

Also they dont have a mngmnt training program. That was phased out in 1996. Good Luck to you. And expect Lenscrafters employees to say stuff as if its your fault.

It is not your fault and you are not responsible. They all are under undue pressure and have limited resources (personnel) to get the job done.

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